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Best compound bow uder $500?

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I've worked with G5 Outdoors for several years. Prime Quest and G5 broadheads.


Leaving there  now, sort of semi-retiring,  Worked in outdoor industry a long time.


Difficult to get top quality bows these days under $500. But I would look hard at Diamond--made by bow tech, Quest and PSE.    Get a bow from a bowshot if possible. Box stores typically don't offer good service and if you buy a bow at pro shop they offer good customer service.


Parker Bows just announced they were going out of business and will not honor their warrantees.


Good luck in your search.



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I bought a used Matthews Drenalin a few years ago for $400 that I have had really good luck with.  You might look a some used high quality bows and see if you can find something you like in the right price range.

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