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Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. We would appreciate it it you'd post a reply below telling us about yourself. An introduction of sorts. Maybe answer some questions like: Where do you fish? What do you fish for? What area are you located? How did you find us? If you soon find yourself wondering why you can't find the fishing reports or maybe why you can't post in the classifieds, it's because you need to make 10 posts or replies first. This is something our members voted on. It helps foster lively discussion while at the same time it cuts back on spammers and one post (boat for sale) wonders. Finally, don't be afraid to click those buttons up top. Even though most of the action here is in our forums, there are a lot of cool features and great people here. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Don't forget to start your own album in our gallery too.

Thanks for joining.




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Hey Gang... My name is William and I live around Bethpage Tn. I know some are Boaters and Some are Yakers....

Me I am a Kayaker. I fished 2018 in KY around Hwy 73 at the twin Bridges and Drake's around Scottsville Rd around Phil Moore Park. Love Smallies and LM Bass fishing.

2019 I plan on being a part of Tourney Fishing and doing more fishing in the Gallatin area.

I am 49 With Wife and Kids.

My set up is a Feelfree Moken 12.5/ Hook 2-5 Tripple Shot/ Yak A Cell Block and Yak A Switch Blade.

Mustang PFD.

Scottie Rod Mounts. And all the other junk we love to spend our hard earned cash on.

Choice of Rod: Spinning

Choice of Lure: Crank

Well hope that's enough info for now. 

Glad to be here...



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