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Did the scouting trip to Dale Hollow today...checked launches ,tva facillities etc...no boat.fished the Obey...beautiful.the tva was running 1 gen.water level not bad.fished at the campground launch...did well on stockers.fished the hatchery prop brook did well.super nice place...they only stock hungry fish.half a crawler or a berkley gulp nugget chartreuse...so much fun.ADA acessible...really.great fun for a Tn newbie..Celina, 1 stop great bbq.






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1/7/19; got 2 browns as well today.once we got off the Obey and fished the feeders....day salvaged.:banjo...butterworms...manna  from heaven.20190107_114751.thumb.jpg.9b699d1c610137cfdab1190ae4b808cf.jpg20190107_133531.thumb.jpg.06cd285022eb8736eef2f1e35a46abcb.jpg20190107_114232.thumb.jpg.7c96579cc145ee1a0986a00e0779eac8.jpg

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