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Where's a good place to throw frogs right now ?

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Dood, stay where you are.  Use that frog like you would a spook or Sammy - work it over submerged rock, brush, and structure.  There are times you can call fish up better w/ the smaller profile.  If there's any emergent grass (like willow) along the shoreline work that frog in and around that stuff.  Finally, with all the rain we've had I'll bet there are a few log jams in some of the creeks and main lake coves/cuts.  Don't be bashful about working that frog over that stuff.  Some of my best froggin' days have been in or around log jams.


Recommend using a swimming frog (vc popper).  Trim one of the legs a lil shorter than the other.  That'll make the walk-the-dog movement a lil easier.

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