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Finally on the water and some smallies

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Well the first three trips in the new ride the trolling motor was getting water in the shaft and running out the head. Called motorguide and since it was outside of 30 days had to take it to a service center. Long story short...7 weeks later I get the trolling motor back. Fished the holston Thursday afternoon and Sunday. Catching some nice smallies. A few 17 and 18" and 1 19".


Went to the steam plant last night in hopes to find some hybrids. Caught 1 at the dam and some whites above Hugh B Day bridge. Anybody know if the hybrids and whites have already made their run? I'm afraid I missed it





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Nice smallies. trolling motor not required in that skinny water!!!!! Just kidding, in the future you should take your trolling motor to Rick Swafford with Swafford trolling motor. Long drive for you but not 7 weeks long

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