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Plug knocker that works.

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Hey guys, just wanted to show you a drawing of a plug knocker I have used for 25 years or more that really works when you need it.


If you make one, Follow the instructions as close as possible. Its not hard to make at all. And to be honest, you could make one using duck tape if you wanted to.


I will go by the numbers to help.


1. Find a cylinder shape of something that weighs about 1 to 2 ounces. Remember, the heavier, the deeper you can go and the faster it will get there. But your line MUST be able to support the weight and possible bouncing to get chains to grab hooks. Remember the old snuff can ? About this size and 1 to 2 ounces is perfect.


2. Attach 2 cork screw type wires on top of cylinder on 2 places, front and back. These really need to make a screw type circle, and has to be open to loop your line in. The screw type needs to be at least a couple loops so your line wont come out too easy. But you want to be able to hook your line in these loops quickly.


3. Attach at least 3 chains to bottom. the chain links should be about 1/4 inch loops and heavy enough to hold and pull or bend hooks if caught. The chains should be about 6 to 8 inches long. Make them longer at first, you can always remove if too long.


4. Make sure and add a solid loop on top of knocker to tie a heavier nylon cord too. This cord should be nylon and should hold about 80 to 100 pounds. I am not sure where to get this but I found white nylon about 1/8 inch that was rated for 100 pounds.


5.You should have about 100 feet, do not cut it, no knots. You need to find an old line spool to attach this nylon to and warp up on while in your boat. This way you do not get it tangled and it rolls off spool fast when going to the bottom to get you plug.


6. Here is how it works. In your boat, you should have it handy. You are using a Bagleys deep runner plug and it gets stuck about 20 feet deep on a stump. Grab this knocker, it will be rolled up on your spool. hold your rod line fairly tight, drop spool in bottom of boat then get knocker and weave fishing line into line holders on knocker. Then hold rod tip up a little and let knocker start sliding down line, unrolling nylon line off spool in bottom of boat.


7. FEEL this knocker all the way down until it stops, then gently pull on nylon line back and forth about 6 to 8 inches until it catches hooks. You will know when it does because it will STOP pulling and will not move up line any more. This means your chains have hooked themselves on your plug. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes to catch your plug with chains. Just keep moving knocker and even shake it sometimes if its not catching plug. Eventually it will catch hooks.


8. After you feel resistance and you think you have caught hooks. While line is fairly tight from rod tip to plug, begin to pull nylon line. This is sometimes hard to do and sometimes it just pulls off quickly. If you feel resistance, just pull harder until.......either it comes off stump or hooks bend on plug that is attached to stump and then you get your plug. Just re-bend your hooks on plug and your good to go. Sometimes you will pull a large limb or something up off bottom with this knocker.....


9. There is one thing you must remember, keep your fishing line as tight as you can so knocker will slide up and down if it needs to. Try to position boat straight above bait while doing this and be careful of your trolling motor prop.......it can make a mess of your nylon line and your fishing line.


10. Please ask me any questions. I have one of these in my boat but cant get to it now to get pictures so I drew a picture. I have never lost a plug once I got the chains on the hooks. I did lose a couple in 25 years when my fishing line got slack and my chains somehow got wrapped around my slack line and it broke my line. If you use light line, you need to go slow and make sure you keep a tight line, it still works well but if you get slack it can cut it. Braid line would be simple to use this knocker on.


*******A Tight fishing line OVER your plug is the key......so knocker can slide almost straight down and quickly catch chains on hooks. If you are at a side ways angle, your knocker will not slide as easily down to plug and chains will hang down towards lake bottom and not reach plug.


This drawing is not real accurate at this angle because in reality, if your knocker and lines were at this angle on bottom, your chains would not reach your plug, they would just hang downwards toward bottom. I should have positioned picture in an upright angle but this at least shows you the idea.


These knockers are especially handy if you fish silver buddies and little Georges a lot like I do. They go much deeper and your knocker will prove itself at these depths. Saving one good bagleys is all it takes to make you realize its one of the handiest tools you could have.


Note: smooth all sharp edges on knocker and don't leave gaps in chains, joints etc. if possible for small diameter lines to be caught and cut on.



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Good picture of a good knocker, but a commercial small knocker is in fishing stores for $5 +. It is about 4" long, 4 oz. , 1/2" dia., & has spiral wire on each end. It is easy to carry, connects  to the fishing line without cutting it & slides down the tightened line from straight up. For such a small knocker, it saves almost every snagged lure . I make my own with coat hanger wire, wooden mold & lead. I use my vise & a smooth large gutter nail to bend the wire, place it in hardwood mold, then pour the lead. (IF LEAD IS AVAILABLE!)  Tire stores used to give me a handful of used tire weights upon request, but now some are using steel weights.    dada   1-3-16  9:15 AM

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Dada, I tried those store bought first and they did not work for me at all. The ones I saw had no chains to swing around and catch the hooks even very deep.


This one is easy to make and cost hardly anything.


But if the store bought ones work for most then I would say get one. The main thing is not to lose those expensive lures. This one works so good when it comes to getting your lures because of the chains, that I would encourage people to try one at least. If they don't like it they sure don't have to use it.


And they are fun to make I think.......:-)

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The discription and picture looks just like the plug knocker that my nephew has for getting back those muskie lures than cost an arm and leg. He told me that it is a must. Those chains crab for sure

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