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Tellico walleye

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I'm not sure if I posted any Of these pictures yet but, here are some of the walleye I caught this year. It was my worst year for walleye fishing, only boating 37. I never had a fish over 8 lbs and some just made the size limit. I lost a pile of fish this year, 7 fish at the boat in one night and had to leave 2 shy of a limit when my 14 year old partner couldn't stand the cold anymore. I had to quit with 2-3 weeks of good fishing left when my boat motor blew up. 718c6848fcdd50f2520735c2870cd8b7.jpg03afba40d66559565efe6caf40913b13.jpg9d36aeb9000fd471977519499fc2168a.jpg4ec76ca05d14a14da159e8481e789037.jpg25453e281529daebe971de8f92f94d73.jpg53f96738f513f4adf24a2e3c58165fc3.jpgcd7e6d5ed0d0352602bd853ec272637f.jpg


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