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Jerkbait Season is here!

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Water temperature is about perfect for throwing the jerkbait; lot of fish being caught here on Pointer 100SP and 115 MR.  Lot of action also on the umbrella rig and lipless crankbaits.

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One of the most painful baits to throw.  Drives me insane!  Unfortunately, it's highly effective in some situations.

Agree totally...actually threw it last week and did good...was actually kind of fun as I fished it semi slow and it didn't kill this ol body.  But the big smallies were mean.  Buried a hook between thumb nail and thumb past the barb...while trying to release a fish...glad it was a small hook.  Without giving any more thought I grabbed pliers and I gave it a yank...didn't work!!! .... yanked harder and it popped out...whew.  Little blood but after sucking it a few times so I wouldn't bleed in boat all was well...hardly even got tender.... sooooo lucky.

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