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anybody tried gallatin steam plant

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GSP is a great place unless the water is muddy. I've fused it a few times but follow guys that tear it up. 20-30lb stripers are not uncommon. Skippies are usually plentiful. Ive not heard a report for the last couple of days. Get there before daylight for the best bite and best spot at the barrier.



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Went there yesterday, 12/14/15.

It was slow in the morning, I caught two small ones. 8 lbs and 5 lbs.

One lady had one about 25 lbs to the boat, but she didn't want a gaff or net and tried to land it by hand. It wrestled out of her hands and swam away.

There was a ton of bait in the main channel, threadfins. Skippies were hard to come by.

Probably about 7 fish landed between the 7 anglers there.

I've tried to post a picture of my graph showing the bait and a picture of the cast net I threw and caught a ton of threadfins but can't get the roam to upload them. Maybe I don't have enough posts yet?

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I am familiar with the GSP area. Question do you think I could get there by Kayak?

Next what would be the closest ramp?

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