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Found 4 results

  1. Looking for advice from users: I have an iPad, several years old, nice with Navionics and much bigger display than 5" Humminbird 598. Thinking about how to use it on the boat. 98 does not have WiFi so networking not an option. Budget is limiting factor too. So just wondering about best waterproof case and mount that would work with RAM mount so coukd use iPad with Navionics and Humminbird sonar at same time. Anyone have experience with that? Advice? I looked at waterproof cases online but found nothing yet that looks right.
  2. Manmade, but what is the round things? Old water trough, silo, or what? Closer view of manmade object. Scattered fish. Feb 2014 Baitfish. And what else?
  3. These two screenshots are three days apart: Feb 28 and same area Mar 2, 2015. Surface temp 37 to 40, water clear, no detectable current. Question is: what is causing the blue line at 17'? There are several species in this area - caught largemouth, crappie and yellow perch on this drop off, but all were below the 17', most right on the bottom in 23-26'. With water this cold, it can't be a thermocline. What else would cause such a distinct sonar signal?
  4. This is scientific article about assessing bottom composition. Not for finding fish but it has some interesting technical comments about pulse rates, 455 vs 800, ranging, resolution, etc that might help you better understand how to interpret Humminbird side images. http://www.fws.gov/panamacity/resources/A)%20Introduction.pdf
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