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Found 1 result

  1. My wife and I retired from being public school teachers in Mid December 2018, sold our home in Miami, FL and moved to the Tri-Cities area. Why? Best VA Hospital in the country. Between active duty and Reserves I did 14 years as a US Army Infantry Officer. Hence the moniker of ExSoldier (+ my age: 62). I’m also a competitive shooter and an NRA Instructor for 31 years. I’m a writer with a literary agent. I hold a Masters Degree in National Security with concentrations in Intelligence Analysis & Counterterrorism. What I am NOT is a freshwater fisherman! Never, EVER. Only saltwater. So. Total noob here! I discovered a liking for Trout thanks to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant when we moved to Johnson City. I’ve never used a lure to fish, only live shrimp. I did get my license complete with Trout stamps at Bass Pro when I bought my spinning rig. I need all kinds of help on where to fish and how. I can only get so far with YouTube! I don’t want to waste my retirement sitting around the house, playing online video games and sipping Fireball whiskey. I want to get out and enjoy this new environment! If there’s anybody in the he vicinity of Johnson City going after Trout and you want company and don’t mind putting up with my ignorance, I’d love to join an experienced fisherman!
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