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Found 4 results

  1. CA girl all my life, now I'm moving to TN with more lakes, more streams and bigger fish. The closest fishing from here in San Fernando Valley is at least 4 hours away. It's about time I move out of CA. I have fished freshwater all my like and occasionally surf and charters. I own multiple fishing poles and spinning reels, a few ocean reels. For bait its #1 Nightcrawlers, Lures,salmon eggs. My husband and i usually camp for at least a week in the Sierras where we fish stocked rainbows, 2-3 times a year. I love fishing, and the outdoors. My only birthday wish for the last 20 years is to go fishing.
  2. From the album: My little girl fishing

    Hanging in there on a cold day.
  3. From the album: My little girl fishing

    Sam Rayburn reservoir near Broaddus TX
  4. Hi! I am probably about the only female on this site , like the other one I was on, but that doesn't stop me talkn fishn! I am mom, nurse, wife and busy as hell but I try to get my fishing in! I haven't fished in 5 weeks because of a shoulder surgery, but soon to be right back where I started off my year, in the water! I mainly fish for bass and crappie. However, I will fish anything that I can hook! I live Getn pics OF FISH from my fishn buddies and boat rides. So, feel free to send me you fish. I also am a new fisher. I have fished my whole life but really got into it past 4 years. I have owned two boats since then and looking to buy another one hope we can share stores, laughs and fishn pics with actual fish on the hooks! Lol
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