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    Love fishing and hunting. And I mainly fish Douglas Lake
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    Powell, Knoxville Tn
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    Crappie Fishing and Bass fishing

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  1. ok, tillett. Now you can fish forever with a senior license!  Happy birthday.   dada   6-9=20  1:30 pm

  2. Happy Birthday SAMSAM!

  3. Happy Birthday SAMSAM!


    Lowe Big John

    Lowe Big John

    Lowe Big John

    Lowe Big John
  6. well this site has decided to let anyone in... Was glad to get tgat call Blalock.
  7. I got a lead on a 75 hp. may be able to get it for a reasonable price.
  8. Yes there is. Give Chris Odonnell a call at Louisville Marina... he has the guys number. I believe he charged me 15 for a switch.
  9. Chris Odonnel on topside. Louisville Marine... awesome guy and reasonable.
  10. Got my boat back and I'm ready to go. I just got one problem.... I bought a new Lowrance Elite 7 HDI... Have no clue how to use it... so if anyone has a free evening to show me how to work it let me know.
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