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  1. CamWardSaysNo

    U Rigs

    Anyone making their own?
  2. CamWardSaysNo

    Thinking About Saturday

    So I'm going to do it......Main channel will be my likely path of travel, with the exception of trolling time. Hope it's good. Report to follow!
  3. CamWardSaysNo

    Thinking About Saturday

    Awesome.....Thanks! I'm going to put in at Pickens Bridge. I don't really have any intention of going too far from there, as I have a few places that are typically loaded with bait only a few miles away. That being said, I've not been since December so everything is subject to change. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I'll have a good report.
  4. CamWardSaysNo

    Thinking About Saturday

    Figured I would get a few more views on the striper page........What is the water level comparison on Boone, like from the beginning of December to now? I've tried to pull up the level history and TVA doesn't seem to store it. Would put in a Pickens. Is the lake navigable? Would it be even worth trying?
  5. CamWardSaysNo

    Out for a while

    Possibly getting ready for the same thing myself. I think I'm pushing mine back until the end of spring. Not willing to forfeit this season. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  6. CamWardSaysNo

    Predictions for the Weekend?

    Anyone want to speculate as to how the incoming and expeditious warm-up may affect fishing for the weekend?
  7. CamWardSaysNo

    Boone Lake 12/04/15 Striper Video

    Sort of slow bite but did get a few good fish..........
  8. Happy Birthday CamWardSaysNo!

  9. CamWardSaysNo

    Fishing Douglas and Cherokee for Cats

    Thanks for the advice. My camper is in Mooresburg, so I'm way up lake. But, travel is easy.
  10. Any suggestions for Douglas and Cherokee? I have a camper on Cherokee and going to start taking my 7 and 5 year old fishing and going after bass does have enough "action."
  11. Happy Birthday CamWardSaysNo!

  12. CamWardSaysNo

    Terribly Excited!!

    Well, the trip wasn't as exciting as I was hoping. A few cold fronts drove the water temps down and pushed the early Tarpon run back out to the gulf. None of the guides were able to get on any fish that we could hear on the radio. Ended up spending two days at offshore reefs catching grouper and other bottom dwellers. Oh well, nothing beats two days on the water........and beer.
  13. CamWardSaysNo

    Terribly Excited!!

    Found out today that I am being given an all expense paid trip to Punta Gorda for the world class Tarpon fishing. Will be guided one day for Tarpon and the other for Snook. I know it's no 10lb largemouth, but an experience I will never forget. Hopefully I'll have some awesome reports and pictures when I return!!! Cheer's to a strong bite! Tight lines guys. Ben
  14. CamWardSaysNo

    Fishing Cherokee on Saturday

    Just feeling it out, but I'm coming out to pick my boat up from Mooresburg and intend on hitting the water one way or another. Anyone else interested? I'm new to the lake, so if you don't know anything about the lake, we're in the same boat........no pun intended. Let me know if anyone's interested. It will be Saturday in the afternoon/evening. Ben
  15. CamWardSaysNo

    Ever have to get out on a dock?

    One time I left my boat to retrieve a lure and ended up with that bad urge you get on the lake, like the one where there are no facilities to accomodate. It was on Hartwell, which is a vacation lake more so than live on so I figured I was safe. Lawn mowers were buzzing around but I was pretty comfortable that this house was unoccupied. Wrong........People were nice and offered to allow me to use their bathroom. That's my best throwing on a dock story.