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  1. SoHobasser

    Electronics Overhaul w/ SS 3D

    Haven't been on here in a while, this is actually my boat, and I can't say enough about what a great job Ryan did!!! If any of you need work or upgrades he is the man for the job! I am extremely happy with the workmanship!
  2. SoHobasser

    North Fork Holston, Virginia.

    Try shiners in the winter, have caught big smallies with ice freezing in my guides!!! Used to own property on the NF, they always worked for me when it was cold!!
  3. SoHobasser


    That supposed the be , THANKS, stupid smart phones!
  4. SoHobasser


    The for the info guys!!
  5. SoHobasser

    Winter/Cold Water Safety

    Glad they were ok! God really was lookin out for them, especially being in the water that long! Praise to the man up stairs for having the right people there at the right time!
  6. SoHobasser


    Anyone catching crappie anywhere?? And how?
  7. Although I did, it's not that bad!!! Lol
  8. Don't get married, it will kill your fishing!!!
  9. SoHobasser

    Do you have a secret ?

    I love reading what u guys come up with! To funny!
  10. SoHobasser

    Cold weather fish kill

    Seems like we see some of this every year on Soho!!!
  11. SoHobasser

    Anybody know what this is?

    Probably came from someone's pond somewhere! A lot of people buy them to control grass and algae in their personal ponds or lakes, of course in Va you have to have a special permit to have them!! Love living in the common wealth state!!!lol
  12. SoHobasser

    Wildlife While Fishing

    Cool pics everyone, hopefully add some soon!!
  13. SoHobasser

    Winter/Cold Water Safety

    Now there is ice on the water!! My daughter showed me pic of a friend standing on the ice at a area lake, prob about 100yds from shore! Of course I told her how dangerous this could be! Don't just go walking on the ICE!!
  14. SoHobasser

    RuffNick has joined us!

    Welcome! I just signed up as well!
  15. SoHobasser

    Projohnson22 has joined us!

    I mostly fish Soho (hence the name), and fish Douglas and Cherokee a few times a year! Welcome to this site, hopefully we can share some info!