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  1. Happy Birthday FrenchieFly!

  2. Happy Birthday FrenchieFly!

  3. I fished tuesday, weds and thurs (today 2/6/14) this week all on Douglas. Most of the lkae was still froze over but was clearing by Weds afternoon. FIshing was slow from mid lake down. Finally picked up and moved towards the river found steady bite. A lot of the fish have moved back into the pockets that are creek fed. The water there is quite a bit warmer than in the main channel..fished 3-5ft deep
  4. Thanks for the info guys, I'll be sure and offer a wide berth for the man in the bass tracker and helping hand if need be ;) I don't wana step on any toes! Just wana learn a new lake and do soemthing I've never done before.
  5. Okay guys, I am completely new to this and wanting to learn but I really really...really wana chase down some Muskie on Melton Hill. Ive been bass fishing all my life and even fished a few tourneys on MH and had a couple Muskie follow me back to the boat. I'm planning to make a trip out there one day this coming week so any and all info, tips, lure suggestions, and or guide lines would be awesome and greatly apprecited!!! Many thanks and tight lines!!!
  6. Jigs, then spinner baits. Possibly the two most versatile baits ever.
  7. I 3rd the spoon. Jiggin silver buddies sometimes works. Drop shot wouldnt be a bad choice either if the water is clear enough. lets not forget the A-rig. Suspended fish are some hardest fish to fool. Being that it was Cherokee it coulda been Hybrids maybe? Ive done well on light jig head tipped with a fluke jr too
  8. I agree with Crankbait, the effects probably wont be seen for a few years. Other than Chickamauga I believe Douglas has become one of the hottest lakes in the region ever since the first Bassmaster Open was held there a few years back. Since then there has been several Opens, a couple Elite series and a PAA (not to mention the wildcats at every free launch and other various club tourneys) It really opened people's eyes to the quality and quantity of fish in the lake. I'm not as familiar with Loudon as I am Douglas but it seems Loudon hasn't fished as well the last couple years than it usually does and is nown for...but like I said maybe thats just my lack of experience on that lake? Has anyone else noticed or experienced this?? On another note several tournament series have implemented new rules to even the playing field so to speek. The Elite series have banned A-rigs and long lining. The Tom's tourney trail has outlawed long lining and I'm not sure about the Morristown Marine series. This year will be an interesting year on Douglas..hopefully it will be another great year!?
  9. Chick, Douglas and Watts Bar have yielded my biggest 3 bass..Chick definitely has the better numbers of 8+ pound fish. Watts Bar surprised me..it has some really nice fish..caught me off guard for sure. I know and fish Douglas fairly well, it's chocked full of 5-6 pounders.. hard parts getting a lure they'll eat down to them.
  10. Lookin good man! I've been tying for years and everytime I tie a new pattern I still mess the first one or two up...takes a couple times to get the proportions and placemet right. Drop a line if you have any questions..I'll help best I can! btw..where do you do most of your trout fishing? just curious..
  11. Jason, The kits you were askin about are usually perfect for that type of fishing. Obviously you get what you pay for but in this case I think $100 would be the max. Like RLP said, 7-9ft in length in 5-6weight is perfect. BassPro has a really nice rod around $50 that would be awesome, called a dogwood canyon (7 1/2 ft 5wt). i think you can get those in a kit also..not sure about the kit price. you can either buy leaders ( i would recommend 7 1/2 ft long 1X or 2X) or just use a piece of monofilament around 10# test.
  12. I agree..I think they are a quality bait for the price. they have some really nice features. Also tried the Arashie Flat..it has a great action.
  13. Guest_turtle_* sounds like you had a good trip! Sometimes we get the best of both worlds, awesome surroundings and great fishing. When you mentioned seeing the turkeys it reminded me of a trip I had on Douglas two years ago. It was sweltering hot and humid, I was fishing around a point and making my was into the back of a small pocket and noticed something swimming around the cove. Come to find it was turkey! and a Bigun! LOL had a nice beard on it. Turns out that was the highlite of my fishing trip
  14. Whats wrong with keeping a few fish..so long as they are legal? I think nothing..I dont particularly care for bass (except maybe in the winter) but everyone is different. I prefer crappie, walleye or sauger for the fryer. On the other hand I think keeping every fish that comes to the boat is a little much, I was braught up with the mind set that you eat what you kill. But if you have paid for fishing license and want keep your size/creel limit of whatever you catch that is within your legal right..the real question is whether or not you are "personally/ethically" okay with that?
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