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  1. Now thats innovative, and only cost $300 worth of silicone
  2. Thanks for the replies. Seems it is possible, and there are a couple of options. Going to look first into plastic welding as the equipment is available to us, call Coleman to match the plastic, and go trom there. Thanks for the invite Mizan, I'm afraid I'm no noob, just shifted gears. I still dink and dunk it's just no longer my focus. If Jamey revoked my lifetime I can't blame him as I'm not very active here these days.
  3. Been a while! Heresy, I know, but I haven't been hanging out here mostly because I haven't been fishing much. No, I didn't go vegan, just been hiking more and fishing less, as per the doc's orders, and I think I might like it. Some of you may remember a couple of years ago my canoe was hit by a drunk driver and it bent the right gunnel just in front of the rear seat. I was finally able to free it from the garage last year and took it to the lake, solo. It paddled and balanced fine, was just a bit akward with the bent gunnel. I had a coworker who was interested in it so last year I gave it to him. Free. He came to work a couple weeks later and said it was leaking from the bow and I offered to help with repair. Fast forward nearly a year and he is finally getting around to doing something about it. He has already opened the panels but has not removed the foam, he says it appears to be held by adhesive. Today he brought a few pictures of the problem, from the outside, and it's not pretty. It also was not like this when I gave it away, though it is possible the bow leaked as I sat in the stern seat while testing (and it later got drug by a horse) I'm curious, is there a process that can patch this? Is it scrap time? What do y'all think?
  4. https://www.tn.gov/twra/fishing/trout-information-stockings.html then click on spring stocking schedule. It's a pdf.
  5. Sounds like a cool idea. Bonus if it catches fish! I'm sure you could find a reliable tester or 2 on here
  6. That's what screenshots are for
  7. Get to postin fellas! Ain't nothing free, even on this site. Those who get info usually do so because they have shared some of their knowledge in the past. The reason for 10 posts, name and social security number of your firstborn, and a pic of your wife is really quite simple. Yes, treeplanter, it cuts down on spam alot, but that's not all. Ever shared your favorite spot with someone who shares it with someone else? Or shared it only to come back next week and find it totally trashed? It has happened to me! Now throw the internet in there and you are sharing it with everyone, everywhere
  8. I use a red head lamp when I'm backcountry camping or night fishing in the yak. It limits the bugs but it does limit vision too. Dada's suggestion of yellow light I imagine would allow you to see better.
  9. Happy Birthday gd77punk!

  10. I have/had (still not hammered the big dent out) a Coleman canoe so I know what you mean. One trip across Fontana lake and I bought some of those padded seats with the backrest. Worth every penny!
  11. Mine is deep keeled as well. Makes it harder to cross or go at an angle upstream in current but I like it better. Bigsmallie, do you use an anchor in your kayak or just drift?
  12. I have the ascend d10 and I like it pretty good.
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