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  1. gd77punk

    2018 Battle of Gatlinburg

    I don't know why it posted as a question. Haven't posted in a bit so likely user error
  2. I've seen the rumble in the rhododendron and a couple other local-ish tournaments. This is the first one fly tourney I've seen around these parts. You usually hear about these out west on the bigger, more famous rivers. https://battleofgatlinburg2018.com You can move if needed Jamey, just felt more natural to me in the fly fishing sub.
  3. gd77punk

    World record crappie possibly.....

    It was a pet fish. I honestly don't know why these pond fish don't get a seperate classification.
  4. gd77punk

    Telico river

    https://www.tn.gov/twra/fishing/trout-information-stockings.html then click on spring stocking schedule. It's a pdf.
  5. Whirling disease found in SOHO and Watauga tailwaters. Just heads up y'all. http://www.timesnews.net/Fishing/2018/02/18/TWRA-Notes-Hunting-fishing-licenses-on-sale
  6. gd77punk

    Clinch 1/20/18

    Golly look at that thing! Congrats! 22" is my personal best, and I bet yours outweighs it by 1 or 2 pounds.
  7. gd77punk

    be careful on those icy ramps

    Karma, are they pulling his jeep out during this warm spell or waiting til spring? Also, thanks for the answers. I have more questions but I'll not ask them here. I've already hijacked this thread more than intended.
  8. gd77punk

    be careful on those icy ramps

    That was a serious question. Anyone?
  9. gd77punk

    Of Ice and Men 12-31-17

    I'm not too good to use a spoon
  10. gd77punk

    be careful on those icy ramps

    Man! I guess the bright side is he didn't fall and break something. I'm curious, does anyone use chains on the ramps in winter, or is that even allowed?
  11. gd77punk

    Any Experienced Rod Builders?

    Haha, I always thought the guys with zip tied and taped on reels just had broken reel seats
  12. gd77punk

    Haven't been fishing as much because...

    I've heard nobody goes home skunked.
  13. gd77punk


    Makes sense. Clooney is from Lexington. According to a notoriously unreliable website....
  14. gd77punk


    Something I've heard time and again is the walleye native to this area are all but extinct. Kentucky is doing work to reintroduce them but I couldn't find much of anything about them in Tennessee http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/outdoors/2015/12/26/southern-walleye-making-comeback-kentucky/77920056/