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  1. crafterbob

    Douglas today

    Nice fish way to go Dada
  2. crafterbob

    Release Schedule >

  3. crafterbob

    Crappie slowdown

    Great information ! Thanks guys, might go this week if it stops raining
  4. crafterbob

    Fort Loudoun Dam

    Nice catch!! stay off the dam rocks
  5. crafterbob

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    Great report! Nice Walleye to finish out the day
  6. crafterbob

    Whatcha think???

    Dale Hollow is on my list
  7. crafterbob

    Pond fishing today

    Fun times
  8. crafterbob

    Douglas report

    Nice Crappie, way to get em
  9. crafterbob

    Fishing License

    A one year license is less than 20 cents a day. The coffee I got this morning 95 cents. Even if the price was $10.00 a year some people will try to game the system. Illegal fishing call the TWRA hotline
  10. crafterbob

    Fishing License

    I think it is a fair price, no issue with the March renew. I go to Ontario Canada every year fishing license $ 125.00
  11. crafterbob

    walleye, crappie, water condition

    Swanns has large minnows, $ 1.99 a dozen
  12. crafterbob

    Clinch 1/20/18

    Nice fish !! I have seen some good sized fish stacked up above the weir dam lately
  13. crafterbob

    Too cold to fish?

    yesterday out the back door
  14. crafterbob

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Get better Dada the Crappie are waiting
  15. crafterbob

    Lake Map Web Application Accuracy?

    Where do you find the online maps?