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  1. Clinch 1/20/18

    Nice fish !! I have seen some good sized fish stacked up above the weir dam lately
  2. Too cold to fish?

    yesterday out the back door
  3. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Get better Dada the Crappie are waiting
  4. Lake Map Web Application Accuracy?

    Where do you find the online maps?
  5. Fort Loudoun Dam

    That's a lot of water. Looks like you had fun, glad you let Charlie catch a few.
  6. The last Striped I caught

    Had fun catching Stripers on Cherokee. Live bait
  7. Figured I'd sore lip some of snichols pets

    Good one! You can't let Snichols have all the fun
  8. Diy bait tank

    You need filtration to collect poop, scales and stuff, and aeration. I don't have room in my boat for a big tank. I took a stock Moeller 30 gal. tank 16" wide x 16" tall x 28" long. fabricated a plexiglass divider, added filter and rule 500 gph pump with dannco for aeration. Water enters the chamber on the left goes over the top thru the filter media and back out thru dannco for aeration. Add a frozen water bottle to cool. Just curious why would put a small tank in a larger tank?
  9. Fort Loudon Dam

    Nice Striper and the rest of the accidents are ok too
  10. Smoking Sunday

    The ribs are looking good!! falling off the bone!!
  11. crappie spawned?

    Earlier in the week got into some nice fish 15.5" ones.
  12. crappie spawned?

    You better take her dada she is your good luck charm. Cleaned 10 fish 5 were full of eggs.
  13. Prayers for dada

    Thanks for posting this cannonball, keep us up to date. Get well soon dada
  14. Boat on vacation?

    If we are going the boat might as well follow us, I would rather take it than rent one. The big cooler and all the excess gear rides in the boat. We go to Northern Ontario at least once a year ( 1000 miles one way) There is no way I would go without the boat.
  15. Happy Birthday crafterbob!