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  1. Good motors Dada, Eddie is a great guy. I bought a new Tohatsu 6 hp. from him this spring to use as a kicker motor.. Tohatsu makes all the small 50 hp. or less for Mercury.
  2. Happy Birthday, Crafterbob.     dada 12-31-19   7:21 AM

    1. crafterbob


      Thanks we need to go fishing soon


  3. Happy Birthday crafterbob!

  4. Finished the installation and got to try out the new Garmin. Not much extra room on the dash but a nice fit. Got to play with it for a couple hours, works great, I like it ! No problems with cavitation, but will have to try adjusting the transducer as I loose the bottom on plane. The last few times out I had to run the bilge pump more than I liked, finally found the live well pump had a cracked housing so also installed a new live well pump. Boat is dry!!!
  5. Thanks! That is the area I am going for, I got a mounting board it is 12" long, so going to cut it down and recess the back.
  6. OK, I just purchased the New Garmin 73 sv. I plan on using a transducer mounting board. Question is where is the best place to mount. I checked over the stern at plane and the cleanest water is below the black fitting. Any suggestion are appreciated. Thanks.
  7. My boat has been parked for 4 months, Myself long overdo for a fishing trip so a few weeks ago got out for a ride my 02, 50 hp. Merc started right up but after a short run started missing bad, thought I might have a fouled out plug, pulled the cover off and water spraying out at the base of the powerhead,bad gasket? not looking good. I talked to Bunch marine and two other mechanics ended up at Louisville Marine. Chris did a great job, got me fixed up in a few days, reasonable cost. Sunday afternoon have to go try it out, went for a good long run, everything sounds good runs great. I am one happy camper now.
  8. Nice boat, Dada. You will like the new Merc.
  9. Happy Birthday crafterbob!

  10. I like to use a fogging oil for winter storage...Like engine stor. At idle spray it in the carb till the engine starts to blow smoke then shut off it coats everything with oil I have done this for years.
  11. Check the thread under boats & boating good info on batteries
  12. Miss the ride? LUND any weather I like tin
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