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  1. Happy Birthday Jamian!

  2. So I just bought a garmin echomap 73sv and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them and if there was any certain adjustments that work the best for it. It seems to be working pretty good as just turning it on and going but I know like with the humminbirds there are lots of adjustments you have to make for it to work as efficient and as good as it can get. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I haven't got to use mine much yet due to projects on the boat bit the lil bit I have I already like it a lot.
  4. Striper Hybrid tournaments

    Is there gonna be one this coming Saturday Or are all of them not happening?
  5. Striper Hybrid tournaments

    OK I sure will. That's a bummer. Was looking forward to it. Keep us posted on how and when the next one will happen.
  6. Striper Hybrid tournaments

    OK so what's going on with this tournament? its looking like nobody is interested in it that's on the forum here? Do you have conformation from others outside of this forum that plan on entering it? Anymore info would be great. Like how many people plan on joining in on the fun.
  7. Striper Hybrid tournaments

    I hope to have my boat finished up by then. It's gonna be a striper catching machine by the time I'm done with it.
  8. OK thanks. Well if anything I wouldn't mind the info on the rebate. Bass pro never mentioned that to me last week.
  9. You said that you have the 9 inch for 999 after rebate? Mines just the 7in screen for 999. If you have the 9in for that price then I will be boxing this one up and be on my way to see you. Lol
  10. I just bought the echomap 73sv at bass pro last week for 999. Haven't even got it out on the water yet to try it out.
  11. Cherokee

    If you can find them you won't have any problems with weeding out the small ones. The crappie in Cherokee are monsters compared to Douglas but you have to find them first. A good place to start looking is mossy creek and poor valley.
  12. Dock Shooting

    The problem with the lakes down here in the winter is they draw the lakes down so far that the docks aren't even in the water.
  13. Building live well/Cutting board

    It will work for minnows,shiners,and bluegills but shad prolly won't last an hour in it. They are not as hardy as the others and definitely need a round or oval space cause they swim in circles and after awhile in the cooler they will end up killing themselves by swimming into the walls. Just my thought and some info.
  14. got a couple today

    That's all I could think of.
  15. got a couple today

    No they aren't that uncommon because andy and I caught quite a few like that last year. It was a pretty good day today. I got to test out my new rod and reel I bought for jigging and some new winter cloths I got and all of it passed. Stayed nice and toasty warm and never lost a fish on the new set up.