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  1. O.K. Eddie. Where have you been all summer?  Happy birthday. The fish WILL START biting soon!   dada 12-2-20  8:46 AM

  2. Happy Birthday Cannonball!

  3. I have been in the tire business since 1989. MUDPIE is 100% correct and you should run radials. There is a reason you can't buy bias ply tires for your car or truck anymore...radials are much better in almost every way. You should also gain a small increase in miles per gallon of fuel as the radials will have a lower rolling resistance than the bias ply. You won't have the annoying bumping ride on cold morning until the tires heat up with radials also, so that's another advantage.
  4. I have a 40 gallon vest tank that I have been thinking about selling.
  5. That's a great looking striper boat, you should be well pleased with it.
  6. Either your map was upside down or your sonar was upside down. Maybe both... What unit do you have? I am decent using Humminbird and can maybe help if it's a bird.
  7. I decided to start a new topic for this instead of adding them to dada's original topic about getting a new boat. I know there were several that wanted pictures so they could follow him to his "Honey Holes" and I didn't want anyone to miss out.
  8. Email me the pictures and I will post them for you. Don't make me come over there with my camera!
  9. I use Star Tron in my Yamaha.
  10. I like how it's open in the middle. There's plenty of room to put a bait tank in there if you ever want to do that. Looks like a good boat to striper fish out of.
  11. You will really like the SI once you get used to it. I see fish on it that I would miss with 2D sonar, helps to know you need to make a sharp turn left or right.
  12. It's too late to turn back now! I vote no slip floor.
  13. There are more perks to the 24 volt system besides being more thrust. They are also more efficient than a 12 volt system, they will use less battery power than a 12 volt motor would. I would highly recommend going 24 volt.
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