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  1. Happy Birthday  Graham.  Another 10 years more & you will be as good lookin' as me!  LOL    have a great day & get that house built so we can go after those crappie.   dada 11-24-19  8:24 AM

  2. Happy Birthday Charger1!

  3. Happy Birthday Charger1!

  4. Nice modification to your boat. I'd like to do something similar with my boat one day. Graham
  5. I heard the same thing from Thumper RLP. He is supposed to give me the reference. I would prefer to learn how to use my electronics without professional help if possible. If I can't learn fast enough to suite me, howver, I'm not ashamed to ask for help. I heard from Thumper that the service is not as expensive as hiring a guide to put you on fish, but will still make a bruise on your wallet. As soon as I here from Thumper I'll send you the information. Graham
  6. I'm a Tennessee transplant like yourself Trob. I moved here three years ago from South Carolina. I used to fish bass tournaments years ago also and loved it. My wife calculated fish was costed me about $125.00 per pound so I had to give up fishing tournaments. Now I just enjoy fishing with friends. Welcome to the site.
  7. Glad to have you aboard CrappieMike. I'm happy to see another fisherman who likes to fish for crappie. This past year was my teeth cutting year for getting into fishing for crappie. In years past it's all been about bass fishing. I didn't know what I was missing. Not only a great species to fish for, but also a great tasting fish to eat. I hope you can share some of your crappie fishing knowledge with those of us thirsting for information. Graham
  8. Welcome to the site Alex. Enjoy the read, and share what you know about fishing with us. Graham
  9. Welcome to the site. I think you will enjoy being part of the group. Graham
  10. Welcome to TA. I'm confident you will find the fishing information you are looking for. Graham
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