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  1. Charger1

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    Those folks who fish with me, like dada, know that I make my own flies. I vary size between 1/16oz, 1/32 oz, and sometimes 1/24 oz, depending on conditions. I usually tip my jigs with minnows, however, sometimes when fishing brush piles I use a grub instead of a minnow. The problem I run into is that even adding a little superglue to the hook, the grub works it's way down the shank of the hook. Soooooooo, I do what smart folks do when they want answers (when dada is out fishing, and isn't available), I go to the internet for information. I found a little trick that seems to work pretty good. I apply a little gel type superglue to the shank of the hook, wrap dental floss around the shank, add a little more superglue, then slide the grub up onto the hook. This is the best method I have found to be able to keep the grub up tight cast after cast. Even mister crappie won't normally pull the grub down from it's original position. Hope this tid bit helps. Graham
  2. Charger1

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    You might want to reach out to Nitro. He has made multiple trips to Guntersville over the past several years, and had very good success catching big slabs. The daily limit is 30 crappie. Hope this helps.
  3. Charger1


    Thank God for Captain Ds.
  4. Charger1

    Cherokee lake

    Thanks for sharing the fishing trip with your dad. I echo what dada said. When he is gone, you will trash yourself for not spending more quality time with him. I still remember the last time I took my dad out. We played golf at a local course in Kansas City, Mo. Neither one of us scored low but we still had a lot of laughs, and will remain one of my favorite times spent with my pop. He passed at age 81.
  5. Fished this morning on Douglas up lake from Swanns. Caught 14 with 7 good keepers. The largest was just shy of 14". The brush was in 15+ feet. Jigs and grubs did the trick this time out. Hope they stay on the brush for a while. My freezer needs needs restocking due to the few and far between fish I have caught lately.
  6. Charger1

    crappie spawned?

    Nice fish. Way to go Bob.
  7. Charger1

    Douglas crappie

    Good to see ya back Cajun. I hope cabin fever has you ready to bust out and wet a line.
  8. Charger1

    Douglas crappie

    Glad to see the site is up and running again. I missed reading dada's adventures on Douglas Lake. Lol.
  9. Charger1

    What is you favorite fishery's for Walleye

    Lake Of The Woods, Ontario, Canada. Best walleye fishing I have ever experienced.
  10. Charger1

    Workin on some new bucktails

    The smaller version of those jigs, say in the 1/16th oz. should work great catching crappie. I make some that look very similar to some of those shown and love the way they work at times. Right now I think a chartreus hand grenade is the trick for bringing them to the boat. Lol.
  11. Happy Birthday Charger1!

  12. Charger1

    Walleye and Douglas Lake

    I had a conversation with Fish49 recently regarding walleye stocking at Douglas Lake. Apparently, TWRA is stocking walleye at Cherokee but not at Douglas. From what I gathered, TWRA feels that the walleye population at Douglas is healthy and does not need any help. Am I the only one who questions this? I have not spoken with anyone on this website or elsewhere who feels that the walleye population is doing great. Perhaps you have to be one of a few select folks who have learned the secret to catching walleye during months other than January, February or March. How about some dialog on this subject?
  13. Charger1

    Mayo Research trip

    Glad we talked today Craig. Always better to get the information personally. I'm glad that you are back and ready to fish. It sounds like some things went well for you up there in freezer world. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. Fifty four is way too young to pass away. I will call you again early next week and hopefully set up a trip up lake. Take care my friend. May God bless and keep you safe.
  14. Charger1

    My brother needs some prayers

    Prayers on the way. By the way Jamey I forgot to mention that a guy in my Sunday School Class had an acoustic neuroma removed several years back and he is doing fine. I'm sure everything will work out well for Sam.