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  1. Happy Birthday jcampbell5598!

  2. Happy Birthday jcampbell5598!

  3. Happy Birthday jcampbell5598!

  4. Thanks guys for welcoming me to the site. I am a 31 year old High School football coach at Midway High School. We just came off of a really good season. My down time is December through June, excluding May (spring practice). I bass fish a little bit with friends. I have a 14' jon that I love to crappie fish and catfish out of. I like floating the Holston for small mouth and I love trout fishing in Tellico and below Norris Dam. I got married just over a year a go, so needless to say I fished more in the past year than the rest of my life combined . Most of my posts will be about Watts Bar, and I hope to learn the Chic. this year, for spring bass and crappie. Thanks again for welcoming me to the site.
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