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  1. The National Weather Service in Morristown is offering new lake forecasts for spring and summer recreation. The online tool is for FISHERMEN, boaters and folks who just want to check ahead before they step out to enjoy the lake. The web page features weather conditions and information on several area lakes. Lakes are indicated by icons that you click on. The National Weather Service cautions that the wind speed and direction can vary because of channeling or eddying. Symbols indicate either a high or low degree of probability in the thunder category. Check out the link here: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/mrx/?n=riverlakes
  2. tnangler

    White Bass Bank fishing

    Good work, nice pics..
  3. tnangler

    Mar. 29 Boat load of fun

    Indeed a boat load of fun.. That's what its all about.. Having fun and sharing..
  4. tnangler

    Minn Kota's ULTERRA Trolling Motor

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on the new Ulterra's. ðŸ‘
  5. Minn Kota recently announced the ULTERRA trolling motor. This trolling motor features Auto Stow, Deploy and Trim - very cool.! Check out these two video's and introduce yourself to ULTERRA: and..
  6. tnangler

    Jet Boating

    OK. Got it and now understand my mistake. Thank you for taking the time to clarify.. That ramp is about 93 mi. one way from the house, perhaps one day I will make it up there..
  7. tnangler

    Jet Boating

    Thank you very much.. http://www.tnfish.org/ReservoirLakeMapsTennessee_TWRA/DavyCrockettReservoir_JoeJohnsonBirdBridgeBoatRamp_TWRA.htm
  8. Hmmm.. wondering if and how this "really" works - just announced by Lowrance: Outboard Pilot http://youtu.be/3gA9BANwoAI Introduction and instructional video on how to use the Lowrance Outboard Pilot, with SmartSteerâ„¢ control from an HDS Gen2
  9. tnangler

    Jet Boating

    Great vid post - nice running of "skinny water".. Where did you launch from on the Nolichucky?
  10. tnangler

    Maxx having to much fun

    Thanks for what you do for all the anglers you come into contact with.. Both young and not so..
  11. Good faith, family and friends are the secret to life.. wonderful post on perspectives - maybe it's why we fish? And because we think on our our next cast we might hook "the big one"..