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  1. possum1

    Cats Paw Spinner

    No, I live in Bean Station, Tn
  2. possum1

    Poor Valley

  3. possum1

    Live Bait Filters

    Best filter I have ever used also. good fishin. possum1
  4. possum1

    Poor Valley

    Very muddy at this time. 43 degrees. good fishin possum1
  5. possum1

    Boat canvas top

    Myself and a fishing buddy use walk thru windshield boats with a top. We are in need of some canvas work being done. Any good shops in the Rogersville to Morristown area that you can recommend? Appreciate any help. good fishin, possum1
  6. possum1

    Cats Paw Spinner

    Not sure if I still have one. The ones I used to buy many years ago in Coeburn Va were similar to a Manns Little George tail spinner. good fishin, possum1
  7. possum1

    Shad tank

    Thanks, Ezell. Good fishin, possum1
  8. possum1

    Shad tank

    Any one have a phone number for the guy near Norris lake that is making shad tanks? Got a buddy needing one. Also any one have one that can comment on the likes and dislikes of them. Thanks and good fishin. possum1
  9. possum1

    Cherokee fishing trip 4/3/15

    White bass have been caught recently in the Robinson creek area. Hybrids and stripers are where you find them, scattered everywhere. possum1
  10. I have one on my 20` Starcraft Superfisherman, does not seem to increase or decrease speed. It does seem to allow boat to run on plane at a slower speed. good fishin... possum1
  11. possum1

    Pony head jig heads

    Looking to buy several pony head jigs, 1/8 oz, if anyone here is selling them. Would rather buy off of you guys than some big (bass pro, Cabelas) type store. A hundred or so, if any one makes them please let me know. Good fishin, possum1
  12. possum1

    Trolling adivice

    Downriggers are great for that, if you don`t have downriggers jet divers have caught me a plenty of crappie. At speeds of more than 1 mph I prefer small cranks instead of flies. Just my experiences. Good fishin. possum1
  13. Just a heads up if you are looking to improve your filter material, I have had a super bait tank for about 20 years and have tried everything from sponge to polyfil to quilt batting to cotton balls for filters. Awhile back I got some material from TNKen, a moderator here and a really good guy, that is the best by far I have ever used. Material is tough, filters really good, cleans easily with a water hose and lasts seemingly forever. I am really pleased with it and just wanted to help anyone looking to improve their results. Just my opinion. Good fishin, possum 1
  14. possum1


    Ron, Fish and shad were still at 24 this morning. good fishin, possum1
  15. possum1


    Slowed some, however still catching some.