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  1. ednoe


    Prayers for your Grandfather and family.
  2. ednoe

    Mom could use some prayers

    Prayers sent.
  3. ednoe

    Please pray for my daughter Kori

    Prayers for your daughter, praying her surgery goes well.
  4. ednoe

    Prayer request for Brother

    Prayers sent.
  5. ednoe

    Crappie Fishing on Douglas update

    If it is a smallmouth it doesn't look legal, has to be 20 inches on Douglas.
  6. ednoe


    welcome to the site.
  7. ednoe

    my hobbies

  8. Caught several 5 to 7 pounders on Douglas.
  9. ednoe

    New to the site. JAOPRO

    Welcome to the site.
  10. ednoe

    Best reels, Abu or shimano

    Pfleuger favorite spinning reel.
  11. Hard to find any good crappie flies anybody know a good place to purchase them.
  12. ednoe

    me n dad french broad late august

    Use to catch a lot of crappie below the dam.