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  1. East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    I'd like to catch a jumbo perch over 15". I had a 3 lber on one time and it broke me before i could get the net n Green bay wisconsion. Haven't seen nothing close to it since.
  2. East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    Before i scaled up m fishing boat to a lund, ihad the Yamaha 4 stroke 50 hp with rpm control on the tiller. I really liked the Yahama. RPM control is a big plus. The 9,9 merc kicker motor that came with the Lund and carbeurator design is crap. New 15 hp merc kicker is supposed to better. I might upgrade to the 15 hp, but i actually don't even use that much between rpm control on the 150 verado and using the trolling motor for crappie trolling. Those hoochies would be great for Coho if we had any around here.
  3. East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    East TN Trout fishers! Time to start a new thread for 2018. Took advantage of the warm temps yesterday and made it out to Watagua for the afternoon and early eve despite being in California and jet lagged from th flight back Sunday. Decided to mix it up and went up the lake searching for better size trout in dirtier warmer water. got smaller ones than normal in the lower reservoir the 2 times i went this Winter. Not many bites in the upper lake, but size was good and shallower. 2.5 inche spoons at 40' got to fat ones. Fish have quite deep this winter in lower lake. went down lake and got 3 more and a bass. all really deep. like 65 to 75 in the clear colder water. Fishing should be decent from here on out. surface temps in the high 40 now and even hit 50.5 mid day.
  4. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    I decided it was warm enough to fish Monday (MLK) since i was off from work. went to watagua. got to rat branch at 11:30 a.m.and i was the only brave sole at the launch and on the lake. air was 28 F. water was 46 F. water pump was frozen on merc verado so i puttered around til it thawed out with the trolling motor and threw a blade bait by the islsnd. decided to troll shallow to start and got into some bass right away. a couple hours and 7 bass later i decided to use down riggers. missed 2 and got one avg size laker at 65 ft. before i quit. didnt expect them to be that deep.
  5. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    To cold to fish so far in 2018. Its gonna have to warm up above 32 so i can put the boat in the water without danger of water freezing in the impeller and lower unit.
  6. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Tennessee Anglers!, Went like 2 weeks ago and caught 2 decent lakers and a bunch of small ones, plus a few smallies and 2 real nice spotted bass which are great eating to. Nice to a fresh fish fry in the winter. I'll be going on New years day and weekends in jan and Feb and holidays. Winter trolling is slower than spring and summer, but still worthwhile and trout gight better and a lot less line out which makes it funnier and easier. If you believe you can catch them you probably will. No jet skis and party boats which is great. Rainbows are no shows usually in mid-winter, but mixed bag and small mouth bite great in winter. I like afternoons as early morns are usually below freezing which makes getting started a bit tough, but mornings are good as well if you bundle up and don't mind numb hands at first til the sun comes out. I also have a zip up enclosures if I need it but I usualy don't. high Wind is an issue in winter. makes it a lot tougher and colder. They bite most of the same stuff in winter as summer. medium and small spoons and crainbaits all work. Bigger baits in rainbow color can catch a trophy trout or bass since it mimics all the planted trout. i don't rely on downringgers as much then. Other methods shine in winter when fish are shallower. 10 to 60 ft is usually the ticket and staying near the points, banks, channels, flats is good. They may be near the bottom in 50 ft and the next pass you catch them up high. Ive tried jigging but I mostly catch bass. Trolling is still the best tactic for consistently finding and catching them since you can cover lots of water. I have a few secret winter trolling areas that are very productive in winter some years which are flat areas in 30 to 40 ft that hold a lot of fish some years, but usually there scattered-out like in the summer. You can never go wrong with a downrigger at 50 ft any time of year either. Lakers just like the 40 to 60 range for some reason.
  7. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Thanks for the report Fisher 87. Looks like you had the lake to yourself which is a bonus of fall fishing. Not many jet skiers after labor day!
  8. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    When the surface temp gets below 60 it fill flip the lake, lots of leaves then in the water to, so you gotta check lines often. I usually don't fish much in mid sep and early October. You can still catch'em, but if they don't bite up high early you gotta go deep and almost dredge the bottom and banks for bigger fish and even then its hit and miss. Water is just too darn warm, hard to release the small ones, they don't fight that good and you have so much line out its had to tell when you get strikes. November is good again. fish will be all over. from 75' right to the top 10'. I know a guy that fishes a lot. 'Old black cars" I think that caught a 17# laker and 14# rainbow in Nov on SoHo a few years back. Nobody is really fishing then and big trout are pretty aggressive then feeding up for the winter.
  9. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    wrong pic. bass from Soho last Sat. 9-4 laker.
  10. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Hit Watagua on Labor day early. The active Lakers I was marking were clearly in the 95 to 110' range. Fish laying on bottom are had to see on the electronics. UV and glow spoons are the ticket in deep water in low light and flashy spoons once it bright out in deep darker water. Flashers are all or nothing at all option. Caught a 28' dandy down 105' on half glow spoon about 10 a.m. on downrigger. I also snagged a lot of tree tops on the downriggers fishing this deep, plus threw back 4 dinks back 2 bass and 5# catchfish in 3 hour of fishing. Then met friends for labor day picnic on the lake and skiing. Nov and Dec fishing is pretty good especially for rainbows once the surface temp dips back below 60 degrees and fish really fight great then if you deciding whether or not to buy a TN fish lisc. I am very displeased they eliminated the daily trout option last year. I know of ten lisc. they did not sell as I won't ask people to pay 40bucks just to fish for one day which is some people get to fish.
  11. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Wow!, that's some report. Glad you made it back with your boat. I almost sunk one in lake Michigan a mile off shore when 4 downrigger all got snagged on rogue gill net in big waves and bilge pump was clogged! and we were taking waves over the back in our 20' Thompson standing knee deep in water until we cut the 3 cables. I was 18 and fishing buddy was 14. hit the throttle and reached under the fly wheel of the motor to pull the drain plug. Very scary. Swimming is never a good option. At least the water is very warm in Watagua. I actually sunk the 20' Thompson at the dock the next year. It had a crack in the fiberglass bottom and sunk on its own. My Dad sunk it twice before that when he had morred out in 2 big of waves and the cover tore. 5 kids dragged it shore we bailed it out. You are not missing anything on SoHo. Water is super warm on Watagua and SoHo. Trout fishing is going to be tough and they are very deep and lethargic. We managed 4 lakers on SoHo 3 toss backs and a 20 incher Sat on SoHo all crazy deep 95-115. We did hammer the bass like I've never seen before on spoons. We caught 3 large mouth and 2 smallmouth over 20 inches and 10 overall that were big and one udersize. 45-65 ft deep.
  12. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Fished Saturday morn at Watagua. Wanted to goto SoHo but Bristol race made me think better. Little later start that I like. Lost my first 4 fish between 8 and 10 on the way in. Soft hits. rainbows and nice laker. I ended up releasing about 8 small laker trout and kept a rainbow and 2 avg lakers, but man were they deep. I caught a rainbow on a down rigger at 105ft. 75-95 was best. a few small mouth were around 50. thermocline seems to be about 50-60 ft now. Plan on going to Soho on Saturday. seems to fish better for quality fish in August and bite seems more consistent there late summer for me.
  13. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    king salmon my niece landed with help from daughter with 50 mph storms immimnent.
  14. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    steelhead 11.5 lbs. i have a 19 lb skamanua steelhead (39 inches )i caught in a stream on 6# leader. in manistique michigan 20 years ago. they entered rivers in the summer instead of spring.
  15. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Thanks for the detail Trout Girl and recent Friday Post. 3 or 4 nice lakers is still a good day. Your not going to slam them every trip. Im responding to your prior email about the bait. Where are the baitfish??? Temperature is one key factor in the summer heat, but alewives, especially juvenile alewives and other shad like gizzard can hang out on the surface in the warm water since that is where there food is if there is plenty of oxygen. The most active trout don't mind going up into the warm water after them to get their food for short spells. They will come up when they see a bait above them if they are super active. especialy rainbows. Sometimes the trout are really active eat really well one day and then kind of sulk the next day near the bottom. Here a couple pics I fish I got in July Lake Michigan.