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  1. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    i guess you gotta be from the North to appreciate baked lake trout in tomatoes and onions or planked on maple on the grill. Yoopers love them unless they are the white greasy ones which are much better smoked. I've got request from Yooper to save as many of the ones we catch in winter and bring them up north.
  2. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    The trout and perch all look tasty! Question: How do you get a fresh grilled lake trout meal without even fishing? answer: Kids sports practices labor day morning and evening changed plans to make one last early morning summer trip to the big W for some fresh lake trout. Instead, the whole family went down mid afternon with wife and kids for final swim, ski, picnic, top off with no ethanol gas, etc. No planned fishing. While driving around the lake noticed a fresh, but dead 3.5 lb lake trout floating. Filleted it out and had it for supper last night! Grilled covered in onions, butter and fresh dill from garden. Thanks to ever let or go or lost it at the boat!
  3. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    surgeons knot for braid to mono or to any other changes in diameter does the trick or line types. This rig is called the "secret weapon" . Good for clear water and king salmon for sure. Going to Watugua in the morn. see you out there.
  4. TrophyLakerTaker

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    I'm on the West Coat Sat 24th of August. I sampled the fishing in SoHo weekend before last. decent but not great. Limit of small to medium lakers (6 fish) really deep, bass galore if you like bass. 2 decent rainbows. Moving to Calderwood is a good move i'd say.
  5. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Yea, after labor day or so, they really suck the cool water out and you catch bass, trout deep then and fish are more lethargic, and having that much line makes it more work and less fun. Lakers can't be released to easily, i usually take a break until the water turns over. 90 to 100' and deeper is the norm in late summer. If the fish are super active they will still bite at mid depths, but 90-110' is a good starting point. Cool water tail races are probably the place to go in Sept and early Oct. but deer have got my attention then til December and winter once it cools off. Rainbow bite really good near the surface once the temp is back in the mid 50s, then then shutdown .
  6. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Best thing that can happen on summer weekend is to get a forecast for overcast or thunder showers. Pleasure boaters and wave runners stay home or leave. Happy to fish in the rain. if its sunny and blue bird, you just have to contend with the traffic. I just stay in the big part of the lake and avoid the narrows where you going to have boats coming real close. Fish are quite deep and it doesn't hurt the fishing that much, just the anglers patience. We just go swimming and skiing in the afternoon, since pleasure traffic doesn't usually show up til just about lunch time.
  7. TrophyLakerTaker

    Lake Ontario trip

    Charter Captains are catching 20-30 salmon and trout per day at Lundington, MI now. top mid summer destination. Lot of rough sea and you need a good size boat.
  8. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    I only use 17, 20 or 25#. Fish don't care. Down riggers, releases are xtra hard on lines. Down that deep lines disappear and behind a cannonball is an aggresive technique.
  9. TrophyLakerTaker

    Lake Ontario trip

    Can't beat fresh salmon on the grill.
  10. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    The biggest lakers ive caught have all been on typical size baits. You have to catch them in the right mood for real big one. Examining the stomach contents of 8-12 lb lake trout in TVA lakes shows they have 2 to 5 sometimes 6 inch baits in them at the same time. My protege, before he moved to Florica, caught a 32 incher on a mag diver with a 7 inch magic swimmer. Jointed hard body swim bait that like a big shadat 100 feet in April right on bottom. the big bait big fish deal does not seem to work that well on Watagua. There is no magic big bait. If i had to catch a 30 incher i would get 5 inch gizzard shad and a 3 oz weight and drag it on the bottom in 90 to 120 ft of water or just off. Not a trolling technique, but more like fishing for resivoir giant stripers which i have done with successs, but live bait style means a big live well and lots of timing catch bait and just moving slowly around likely deep structure.
  11. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    There are giant drum, huge smallies, catfish and huge rainbows along with Lakers ( inthe teens and maybe 20s in Watagua. I fought a fish around the bridge for 30 minutes 10 yrs ago and it made 3 or 4 incredible runs on 10 # line set up all the way to the bottom. I'm guessing it was a rainbow or steelhead in the teens before hooks pulled. Fish pulled my planar board under and took out drag 3 falls ago for 100 ft. Could be giant lake or drum, giant small mouth. Always check you knots, leaders above the leader etc. If there are knicks or worn spots or bad knots, its pretty much certain if you hook a monster the line will break unless your using super heavy line. I retie any time i see a problem. A lot less "the big one got away". Cheap swivels and cross locks are also prone to failure on big hook ups.
  12. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Rainbows were all dinks 12-14 inches and found out we had them on checking lines. the 8# and 5# lakers both had 5-6 inch half digested gizzard shad in them, so they will eat a big baits for sure.
  13. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Undecided whether to hit the big W or Soho this morning. The big W it was. Late start and started off slow, but 9 to 11:00 a.m. steady action. Daughter joined the trip and she got her biggest laker ever today. 27 inches and 8 lbs. 95 and 80 ft down on down riggers. We and the 8 a 5 and a 4 and 3 lb lake trout and 10 bows so we quit an noon
  14. TrophyLakerTaker

    Watauga Trout

    spoons size the same or a bit smaller is the key to catching alot and variety of fish when the bite is slow. Lake Michigan Alwife are running 4.5 to 6 inches. We snaged one that was 5 inches. Bigger one is the salmons belly.On watugua they are closer to 3 inches when we check the stomach of trout usually.
  15. TrophyLakerTaker

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Great pics and looks like fun on the bows. Ready to wet a line somewhere this weekend i hope.