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    Combat Vet, Extreme Norris Addict, I love those Brown fish
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    Fishing, Cutting stuff with My chainsaw, Wife sports, I like mountain biking
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    Maint. Man (Boilers)
  1. Happy Birthday jcunning!

  2. Happy Birthday jcunning!

  3. Agreed, Im not much into single asian women ads either. this site seems much better
  4. Coming from the other site. Seen alot of guys coming over, so i decided it was time. Changed username. But,,, I been fishing norris for 20 years. Mainly Bass and Smallmouth now . I run a G3 now used to have a Fish and ski(FISH). If you see me at the Point 19 Ramp say Hey. I drive a Blacked out Chevy silverado with Vet Stickers( I go by Hagen). Im always open to share info of brown fish wereabouts as long as your throwin them back
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