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  1. another little trick I have used a few times is if you store a roll of toilet paper in a metal coffee can with a lid and a bottle of alcohol in your first aid kit you can make a very good heater. just pour the alcohol in the can with the toilet paper and light it. makes a small flame and can stays cool on the bottom, just put out flame and add alcohol when paper roll starts to turn brown.
  2. Finally done, well almost, still have some finishing touches.
  3. Finally got to work on the other half of this project, the rack. Not done but some progress. started with aluminum disks. machined them smooth, and drilled holes. Then cut and machined 7/8 round bar stock and bolted them together to make pedestals. More to come.
  4. thanks guys oldmanowen, rod storage is often a problem in boats like ours. If the boat company does provide a place for them, it wont hold them all, or their too long and wont fit. I am not completely satisfied with the ones in my white boat but its the best solution I could find. Charger1, I have not thought about marketing them, but always looking for a way to make a extra buck. P.M. me with your ideas, I don't want to break any forum rules
  5. total of 20 for 2 boats, some on a angle as shown and some straight up
  6. I don't know which is harder, posting pics or building rod holders. Any way next I cut a 1x1 bar in short blocks, drill and tap a few holes, add a short piece of stainless threaded rod and bolt it all together. After sandblasting and clear coat this is what it looks like. Next is the rack, more to come
  7. A few days ago I started a project of making some rod holders and a rack to put some of them on. So I thought I would share it here. In my head this seemed like simple task as I am fairly handy at building things. Turns out that this was much more labor intensive and time consuming than I expected. I started with aluminum pipe, cut it to length, and machine to the right shape.
  8. ProTek

    Happy Birthday mel!

  9. thanks guys for the info
  10. I have a lot of calcium on the bottom of my boat (fiberglass) due to many years of use and never washing the bottom. Does anyone know a easy way to remove it? boat is on trailer with easy access but I don't want to spend hours laying under it with rubbing compound.
  11. I have used both mk. and mg. definitely minn kota for me.
  12. hello all, have been hearing about this site for a while and finally made it over. I look forward to learning and sharing with you all. I mostly fish for striped bass, on Norris, Cherokee, and a few surrounding lakes. no other hobbies, just fishing and catching bait.
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