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  1. 12kentucky

    Winter fun

    Great pictures, has cold spill killed shad?
  2. 12kentucky

    Nice Striper

    Nice fish, can't beat topwater
  3. 12kentucky

    Lost only brother 6-16-15

    praying for you and your family.
  4. 12kentucky

    Open seat for Norris today

    hope you have good day, you deserve it if you brave it out.
  5. 12kentucky

    Just thinking

    Nice pictures looked like relaxing vacation.
  6. 12kentucky

    9.5lb Tellico Lake

  7. 12kentucky

    Cherokee Report

    nice job, those birds can help find fish.
  8. 12kentucky

    Jan 1,2,3 2015 Norris Lake

    great job, glad you had great trip.
  9. 12kentucky

    Way to start 2015

    Great photo, like the way you adjust how you fish, I know you use live bait most of the time but like good offense in any sport you use what gives you best chance to put fish in boat.
  10. 12kentucky

    Love Winter Stripers

    great pictures, doesn't matter time of year you always deliver.
  11. 12kentucky

    Need some God power

    will be praying for you and family best of luck.
  12. 12kentucky

    Prayer request for Molly pup and our family

    My prayers are with molly and your family, best wishes.
  13. 12kentucky

    Norris reports

    Thanks ecox could just follow you around!!!!
  14. 12kentucky

    Norris reports

    Does anyone know where latest fishing reports on norris lake are posted. They use to be posted once a week on region 4 report and other places. Thanks for any information.