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  1. rusty50576


    Just left it in the back of my pickup . Thank goodness the crows didn’t find it
  2. rusty50576


    Haha! She outfished me 4-0 on our first date
  3. rusty50576


    I’ve been trying to stock up on fillets to take to my girlfriends parents. Last night my friends were wanting to hang out at the local watering hole so I was thinking “oh well no fishing.....” but alas!! The watering hole is only 50-75 yards from the river! I tied some lengths of 20 lb mono to an old sunken dock and baited with frozen gizzard shad and somehow landed one. I had another line that was pulled up river but it snagged and broke the hook shank
  4. Chickamauga is tough
  5. rusty50576

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    The bass boats were probably the only people that even realized you were fishing! Haha
  6. rusty50576

    Cherokee 7-11

    Did you see the white bass jumping?
  7. rusty50576

    Twice this week

    White bass you say???? I'm all ears...... Are they jumping???
  8. rusty50576

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    I think he said they just tied to boat to a tree back in a Creek and the fish was where the creek went into the lake
  9. rusty50576

    South East Trout Troller's Association

  10. rusty50576

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    My buddy caught a big brook trout out of santeelah this weekend
  11. rusty50576

    New to Walleye Fishing and the Site

    There’s a few guys that troll for them effectively with stuff like dipsy divers, lead core line, and maybe even downriggers. Some absolute monsters come out of dale hollow
  12. rusty50576

    Trying to catch alewives

    An alewife looks like a baby skipjack to me (somewhat)
  13. rusty50576

    Ft "Nasty" bass

    It’s flowing fast! I’ve been fishing the slower water swirls
  14. rusty50576

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Thought about y’all when I watched this
  15. rusty50576

    6-7-19 sauger

    My buddy got a 21" sauger amongst all the white bass one spring not long ago. The ones I catch are usually an inch or two over keeper size