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  1. rusty50576

    Norris Walleye

    The walleyes are also caught with 2 generators and usually with stick baits
  2. rusty50576

    Norris Walleye

    They are still in the clinch , winter is a good time to get them
  3. rusty50576

    One nice black crappie and a shell cracker

    They must have warshed through the dam
  4. Water temp 58 upper Loudon
  5. rusty50576

    Fish ID Needed Please (Darter?)

    Ok now I think it's a snubnose darter
  6. rusty50576

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    I would think something that displaces water would be best at night like a spinnerbait or jig with flappy trailer. But I have basically zero experience
  7. rusty50576

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    When it gets good and dark out I employ a secret tactic.......... I drive the boat back to the ramp at idle speed and go home!
  8. rusty50576

    Douglas today

    Awesome!!! Trolling plugs is how I catch most of my walleye
  9. rusty50576


  10. rusty50576

    Watts Bar report

  11. rusty50576

    Cherokee Lake striper newbie

    Grainger county park And panther creek state park are the ones I like, I would consider them somewhat lower lake though. 25e bridge is kind of in the middle of the lake where the river portion starts widening into a lake. I guess German creek is between those two areas
  12. rusty50576

    Cherokee Lake striper newbie

    Did you have dinner with @dada this evening??? Hahaha. If you watched the elite series event this winter or looked at what the time brought in, you would be kidding yourself to say anything negative about the smallmouth population. They weighed in like 350-500 smallmouth each day