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  1. Yeah I’ve heard you can easily pop Rivets out of lots of 80s-90s boats . I wish I could pop mine out to replace the wooden transom haha
  2. I tried to replace a transom in my 1957 Jon boat. After about an hour with an angle grinder and titanium drill bit and metal punches, we couldn’t budge the first rivet. Not all rivets are bad, this boat is made from cherry max structure rivets and is probably the toughest damn thing on earth. They used airplane rivets back then
  3. I take my prop boat all over the clinch, center console aluminum. An 18' with a 90 is perfect for fishing there, the water is 10 feet deep and hauling ass 95 percent of the time. It was probably only low enough to safely kayak about 10-20 days out of 365 in 2019. I do wish my console was on the side though, I hate walking around it
  4. If you only fish the clinch 3 times a year you won’t need a jet . When they are pumping it’s deep enough for a yacht and they are almost always pumping
  5. Mine works good for that. 18.5 foot aluminum with 50 hp.
  6. You would be my hero. What about those hundreds of rivets?
  7. I tried to warn you!! Haha. Excellent job, glad you persevered. Now I need pointers from you on the next one I’m gonna do.........I would love to Hire it done but i don’t suppose anyone can afford 87 hours of labor!
  8. A buddy of mine patches ones that have been annihilated with Kevlar. He works on the ocoee so the ones he fixes are basically folded in half
  9. I have done that, it's a big job but not complicated. Lot of sweat and blood
  10. Andy is a good guy, although I have never met him in person. Back in the day his forum and this forum were all in one place
  11. Nice wok dada. Those points are tricky from what I have witnessed.
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