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  1. I have caught some keeper reds from a kayak in FLA, they have the same slot. Very tasty grilled, fried, and my brother even made fish head soup out of one
  2. Nice ones! I do a lot of surf fishing but im beyond clueless. I think a croaker is all ive ever caught
  3. Me too , i can skunk with the best of them. Ive been known to fish 9-10 hours without a bite. I fish quitting time until dark and all day long on weekends if im off
  4. At least I have acquired some shad for frozen bait. Maybe the fish are too stuffed to bite. When they aren’t biting live bait, well...... that’s why they brew beer
  5. I think I know where to find a morning bite, afternoon trips have been useless on the river. Fish better watch out Saturday morning
  6. I got skunked again yesterday . 3 trips one rock bass this week .
  7. I believe it, I just never catch crap anywhere near one. Methinks it is operator error
  8. Fishing has been very bad for me the last 3 days, i blame the full moon. 71 degrees in knoxville, still 77 on norris
  9. Nice report. We were camping on an island in norris, froze in the morning and swam in the evening
  10. Haven’t been there since late June but we saw them chasing shad on surface right around there thanks to the advice of @ecox
  11. I had mackinaw from Jackson lake on the snake river and they were delightful on the grill
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