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  1. Leadville/Rankin

    No walleye at loudoun dam yesterday. Plenty of crappie and white bass and drum
  2. Leadville/Rankin

    I would think it’s chocolate milk up there right now
  3. I got broken into on chilhowee once. Have seen broken glass at the ramp below watts bar dam very often. Lenoir City is bad for vultures ripping at the car. I still use all of the ramps
  4. Just a useless knife review

    Thanks for the review. I have always used a rapala. I don’t like my fillet knife to be terribly sharp though, I like to cut along the bones instead of through the bones. I would like to have a razor sharp one for larger fish so I might look into the RADA and Ka-bar
  5. I agree, rabbit is much tastier than squirrel. I also don’t know how to properly prepare either one but just frying them both rabbit was way better. I also had rabbit pasta at an Italian restaurant in Knoxville and it’s was top notch
  6. Clinch 1/20/18

    Holy cow
  7. Clinch 1/20/18

    Maybe 1 or 2. My girlfriend let one small brown go because it's her spirit fish hahaha
  8. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Cool video!!!! Saw a heron moving in........
  9. Calderwood Lake questions

    Mmmmmmm delicious specimens!!!!! the little Tennessee river is crazy from tellico lake upstream. All kinds of species begin to disappear as you go upstream. I have never caught a white bass or crappie or catfish or drum or Striper from chilhowee, all of which are common catches in tellico. There are white bass and crappie in chilhowee (I know people that have caught them, including troutgirl i think) but there must not be many because I have fished it my whole life and never caught either. Then go up to calderwood and there's barely anything but trout from what I understand (haven't fished it much). Then get all the way to Fontana and there's spotted bass largemouth walleye trout catfish basically everything that you would find in tellico
  10. Winter Trout Stocking Progam, Golden Rainbows

    I've been catching the northern ones one limit (per person in the boat) at a time and making smoked trout dip. It's delicious. To clarify: I smoke the trout, my girlfriend makes the dip
  11. Some of the best eating there is! She's better with a scatter gun than some of my buddies.
  12. @kwk You better zig zag if you ever have to run away from her!!!!
  13. Flutter/Jigging Spoons

    That's funny i bought one of those at Gander Mountain a long time ago. When I took it Fishing I could not figure out who would make a spoon that doesn't sink! Haha
  14. Winter Trout Stocking Progam, Golden Rainbows

    Very Good when it's warm outside. Fish are almost all below 10" unless you go to a trophy stream
  15. Good & Bad

    Sounds like It's getting a little better!