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  1. Good deal. You could catch a drum everyday until you die on that stretch
  2. rusty50576

    Transom rebuild

    You would be my hero. What about those hundreds of rivets?
  3. rusty50576

    Transom rebuild

    I tried to warn you!! Haha. Excellent job, glad you persevered. Now I need pointers from you on the next one I’m gonna do.........I would love to Hire it done but i don’t suppose anyone can afford 87 hours of labor!
  4. rusty50576

    Tuesday on Douglas

    I think @minnerman gave an update on it in the lake reports section today
  5. rusty50576

    Numbered point signs

    On the TN river the dayboard markers are 0-650 miles and they are very accurate
  6. rusty50576

    Water release schedules

    Fort Loudoun is averaging somewhere around 25,000 cfs the next few days. Melton hill is going anywhere from 0-12 k cfs, averaging 5-9k. Watts bar is running 47k right now but the average is predicted to drop down to 35k and below
  7. rusty50576

    tick bite

    I had one on me the other day that had a white spot on it. Not sure the species but it's dead now!!!
  8. rusty50576

    tick bite

    Id say where you live, that won't be your last tick bite this season.
  9. I fried some white bass eggs a time or two, not bad. I think you are supposed to strain them somehow and remove a membrane. I figured what the heck and just ate them. Hopefully I don't perish on account of it hahaha
  10. I’m pretty sure trout trollers happily eat all their dead fish. Leaving trash is a no no, everyone already knows that. Also they were targeting non native stocked fish
  11. I think northern Canada is the place for you. No people and tons of open water. I fished tellico Saturday and it was beautiful with lots of fish. Far from "trashed"
  12. rusty50576

    Busy weekend

    3 lb smallmouth is a good day!!
  13. rusty50576

    Is a patch even possible?

    A buddy of mine patches ones that have been annihilated with Kevlar. He works on the ocoee so the ones he fixes are basically folded in half