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  1. rusty50576

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    @Troutgirl, here’s a map of the low end of south holston. I can zoom in and out if you need. For what it’s worth I have only caught trout up by chilhowee dam on tellico
  2. rusty50576

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    Theres still some nice rainbows on upper tellico. They don't stock as many as they used to but they still stock
  3. Went out for a test drive yesterday and the water was pretty darn cold on the french side just above forks of the river
  4. rusty50576

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    I heard it was stained on another site
  5. It should be getting better by the day I would think
  6. I think they are spawning, I always have a tough time in April. This year April was more like January so I haven’t even tried the french. When the white bass are thick on the shoals the smallmouth Fishing is always tough and the white bass are still on the shoals. Other rivers have been producing much better lately
  7. Ahhhhh. That kind of food plot. My bad
  8. rusty50576

    Maryville Greenway Lake 04/09/15

    Both fish pretty well. The bass are a little bigger above the dam, along with the turtles
  9. rusty50576

    Douglas report

    Wow 77, I guess they went deep. I was fishing 65 degrees at forks of the river yesterday
  10. Beans corn okra maters and taters. And a whole bunch of other stuff both those are the staples. Turnip greens in winter
  11. rusty50576

    Perch in Fort Loudoun?

    I’ve caught them in tellico all over, and in certain parts of loudoun like forks of the river, little river arm, and holston and french broad. Good to see one at concord, that area is loaded with fish.
  12. rusty50576

    Release Schedule >

    If the gates are open, she will say “such and such dam will be spilling until further notice” before she says the generator schedule. If you want to know volume of discharge and inflow it’s easier to cipher with the app but the lady on the phone will tell it all to you if you sit through the menus long enough
  13. rusty50576

    Release Schedule >

    Tva.gov or 865-632-2264