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  1. Happy Birthday michael!

  2. Happy Birthday michael!

  3. If you can hold off till around Thanksgiving Tacklewarehouse.com will be having a black Friday sale most everthing 10-15% off including electronics. Check out their sale page also.
  4. I feel your pain 3 weeks ago my 200 merc poped while fishing a tour.on Norris."bad thing Is we had enough fish to win and get lunker":callme
  5. A buddy of mine just got his new Z7 from Bass pro shop.It is powered by the new mercury pro XS 150.This thing has a huge front deck, And it fishes like a dream. Best of all it has blacklights built into the rubrail.
  6. Looking forward to getting to talk to you all, Finally a site for the anglers:tarules:
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