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    I enjoy serving The Lord, being with my family, and FISHING!
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    God's Word, Fishing and hunting
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    Natural Resource Specialist
  1. Happy Birthday Procraft!

  2. Happy Birthday Procraft!

  3. Happy Birthday Procraft!

  4. Procraft

    New member

    Welcome and thanks for your service!
  5. Procraft

    I'm new!!!

    Welcome Devin! It is great to see a young one that loves to fish!
  6. Procraft

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    Welcome aboard!
  7. Procraft


    Welcome fellow newbie! I greatly like catching smallmouth also!
  8. Procraft

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    Welcome! I'm a glad new member to tennesseeangler also.
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    Welcome fellow new member!
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    Hey guys

    Welcome aboard! I am new too. Happy fishing!
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    Welcome! I'm new too and look forward to being a member of tennesseeangler with you!
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    New member to this site.....

    I'm new too. Welcome and Congrats on being a new dad!
  14. Procraft

    Learning to fish

    I'm new to the site too. Welcome and I,m sure you'll love fishing from your boat! Opens up a whole new world to your fishing options! Happy fishing!
  15. Procraft

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    I am new also. Welcome