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  1. sportfish

    Underwater light

    I have Alumiglo Superbrite. Been a really good light. They now come in a dual color model. I previously had one by Quarrow. Let's just say it was not as tough.
  2. It is really helpful if you can cruise over a bait hole looking for dangers. Doesn't mean you wont lose a net. But, it does kind of even up the odds. Of course, lots of times your first shot at catching is your only one.
  3. I immediately kiss every new cast net goodbye. Because, I know its going to leave me when I need it most. I have enough handlines to rope a herd of cattle.
  4. Onboard chargers plugged in 100% of downtime. One bank for every battery. All 5 of them. Also, a good time to check all connections, and wiring.
  5. sportfish

    Survived Hip Surgery!!

    Glad you're back. That's some fancy hardware. You should really be good to go by ski season.
  6. sportfish

    Melton Hill Dam Striped Bass

    Thanks for sharing. Nice pics.
  7. sportfish

    Electronics Overhaul w/ SS 3D

    That's an awesome installation. Very neat and well organized.
  8. sportfish

    Prayers for dada

    Prayers sent. Get well Soon.
  9. sportfish

    Aluminum boat blues

    Crestliner has a Coast Edition in 18 and 20 foot. They have a nice amount of deck space and storge. Their Bay models also look really good.
  10. sportfish

    LED lighting

    I see a lot of boats with led lighting. I've been wanting to add some to my boat as well. I just finished a boater education course to meet my Virginia requirements. It was given by Coast Guard Auxiliary, and VDGIF Conservation Police. They covered nav light rules and addressed led lights on boats. Basically, the VA law is no lighting that interferes with navigation lights. VDGIF officer didn't have a problem with the blue/black uv type lights, as long as it didn't affect visibility of nav lights. But, he said that red or green led lights could be mistaken for nav lights. I found a link to the TWRA rules section. I have included the link below. Maybe this will help in making your selection. https://www.tn.gov/twra/article/lighting
  11. sportfish

    Thinking About Saturday

    If you're running on Boone, my advice is to stay in the channel. Lots of places where stuff is lurking just under surface.
  12. sportfish

    Feb 8-10 Trip

    Thanks for sharing report and pics. Fishing on days like those are always an adventure. Glad you guys caught some.
  13. sportfish

    Repower Boat

    That's an awesome upgrade. Nice and quiet. Plus, you should be able to chase down even the fastest white tornado.