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  1. Onboard chargers plugged in 100% of downtime. One bank for every battery. All 5 of them. Also, a good time to check all connections, and wiring.
  2. That's an awesome installation. Very neat and well organized.
  3. Crestliner has a Coast Edition in 18 and 20 foot. They have a nice amount of deck space and storge. Their Bay models also look really good.
  4. That's an awesome upgrade. Nice and quiet. Plus, you should be able to chase down even the fastest white tornado.
  5. Driftmasters are great. Also, for around $20 a piece, Scotty Power Lock rod holders are hard to beat. Cabelas sell them as 360HT model. They are plenty strong enough. I even use them to pull u-rigs. Had them on my boat for 10+ years now and never had a problem.
  6. Happy Birthday sportfish!

  7. Very nice boat. Going to be a great striper rig.
  8. I know this reply is a little late. But, if you are still having this problem, you might check the pickup tube inside the tank. I had one that broke off. It did same as what you described.
  9. Very nice. Only thing missing now is some slime.
  10. Check a few threads down. Hondam has a thread titled "Transducer Mounting Tips". Excellent information there.
  11. That's a very good fishing boat. Congrats. It has plenty of room in it too. All it needs now is some fish on!
  12. I added another HDS 8 to my console a couple months ago. It really helps having extra screen space.
  13. You will love the side imaging. Its a real game changer. Are you going to network your Elite 7 to the HDS 7 unit for gps/waypoint sharing?
  14. Max ping speed here also. My current Lowrance transducer is several years old. The only ones I have replaced have been from damage. I have broken off a few.
  15. A transducer can read outside of the "cone angle". It is possible your lure was on the fringes of the transducers capability. This could produce an image differing in appearance from a good solid return. It doesn't take much movement to cause a lure to drift back. Its also interesting, in one of the pictures, the blue line turns yellow. Kind of like it contacted the bottom and drifted further back towards the transducer. That's just a guess on my part.
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