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  1. Yep Ultra Marine on Topside road fixed me up. I've been back on the water for a while now.
  2. Happy Birthday!


  3. Yeah my bad I had it mixed up it is Yamaha's he works on
  4. Thanks guys. Others I know of recommended Chris at Louisville Marine but when I went there he said he only works on Evinrudes now. Chris said it didn't sound good from what I told him he said it sounded like a blown power head gasket. He sent me to Ulta Marine so I left the boat there. I'm currently waiting to hear back from them.
  5. Looking for a reputable mechanic who is reasonable and fairly quick to work on my outboard. Somewhere within a few miles of the forks of the river Knoxville area. Outboard has been running rough the last 3 or 4 trips out. Yesterday when I put in and cranked it up it started smoking. Took the cowl off and water had filled up in the engine reservoir seemed to be flowing from some where around the top of the engine block but couldn't tell exactly where. Found several pieces of a blue colored gasket had broken loose in there. Mercury 50 elpto. Any suggestions?
  6. I've been using the same autocraft starting battery going on 9 years now. I got it at advance auto but they no longer sell them there. As far as one for the trolling motor they are all about the same and the optima's are a waste of money imo.
  7. Happy Birthday Loopy!

  8. That right there's a nice looking boat!
  9. Dang it now how is everybody going to know where all the crappie are ain't nobody going to be able to follow Dada around now that his boat will just look like everyone elses he has done and gone incognito on us.
  10. Happy Birthday Loopy!

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