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  1. Loopy


    Sweet! I had a good weekend too I caught and released 7 rainbow trout in the 19-20 inch range and they were so fat that I couldn't get my hand around em. If I would have caught a walleye I would have kept that one though it don't get no better than that them are good eatin right there.
  2. Loopy

    Crappie weatherchange

    You got that right Dada. I went Monday and caught and released 28 that would have kept. I've got enough to eat and don't like to keep them when their trying to spawn. Dang near had to hit the bank to catch em. If my cast didn't land in 6 inches of water or less I didn't catch em other than the 5 or 6 I caught early in the morning in 20-25 foot of water off of a point. Who knows what this cold snap will do to them but I like a challenge and the hunt is part of the fun.
  3. Loopy

    Douglas report

    Dada I put in at Dandridge and went up to Koonz creek and got 5 there. The rest came off the channel. I ended up with a limit and threw back quite a few 10-10.5" inch crappie. I counted 28 altogether with a bonus smallie and white bass. Tightlining as always.
  4. Loopy

    Douglas report

    Way to go Dada! I was thinking of putting in at Dandridge this am and was wondering how the main channel looks or should I put in at Shady Grove and head to the lower creeks to avoid mud?
  5. Loopy

    Tailwaters SE TN

    We fished the lake from a boat. Bank fishermen weren't doing any good when we were there. I think the problem is they have been running to much water because of all of the rain. When they do that they keep the water down on Nickajack. Nickajack fishes better when the water is up and there is some movement up or down throughout the day. It should get better when things settle down. The bank fishermen there usually do better at night during the early crappie bite but start catching them throughout the day the closer it gets to the spawn.
  6. Loopy

    Tailwaters SE TN

    I can't speak for the bar or the Chick but on Nickajack as of late bites have been few and far between on just about everything especially crappie.
  7. Loopy

    Leadville Run

    Minnerman I went to Doogles yesterday and caught 26 with 9 keepers in the am and then they just quit. They were in 8-16 ft of water on cover.
  8. Loopy

    Leadville Run

    Hey Dada can we get a report when you get back with water conditions, morning water temp and the exact gps coordinates of where you caught the crappies lol? Looks like a good day to go but the wind forecast told me to wait until tommorrow so I am going to hit muddy creek Thursday and fish the same spots I caught them at 2 weeks ago as the water level is back up about 4 feet but if the water color is too muddy brown I will go somewhere else.
  9. Loopy

    Still poor fishing

    That's funny Dada I'm usually out there with the binoculars trying to locate where your boat is so I can follow you around lol and I ain't got but 2 packs left in the freezer but I'm optomistic that better days are coming
  10. Loopy

    Still poor fishing

    I was casting and retrieving with various presentations. Most fish were at or close to bottom.
  11. Loopy

    Still poor fishing

    BG baby shads on a 1/16th oz jig head. Most were caught on ghastly minnow color. 8-15 ft of water. On Doogles the honey hole is wherever you find em.
  12. Loopy

    Still poor fishing

    Dada I was out there too this morning in the fog I got lost trying to get to the honey hole I couldn't see where I was going and didn't have a clue where I was at. It felt like I was going around in circles so I just stopped and started fishing a point and go figure I went to catching em. I caught 21 with 5 keepers up until 10am and then they just quit.
  13. Loopy

    Still poor fishing

    Dada I went that day on the 12th and it really wasn't bad at all with the tx guys it was actually a really nice day to be out on the water. As for the crappies it was hot and heavy early but then they just quit around 10 am. I managed 20 with 6 keepers and one keeper was a really nice one. With the cold front moving in this week, I expect things will pick up.
  14. Loopy

    Accidents happen, split second

    Wishing you a strong recovery!
  15. I've managed that feat 2 years in a row now for a total of 3 times in my fishing career. The first time was years ago at the Tellico River. My rooster tail had snagged a tree limb and after the initial retrieval jerk the rooster tail came back and sunk snap dab into the back of my hand. The removal method at that time came from an unremorseful camping buddy and a pair of pliers. It hurt more thinking about it than when it came out. The next time it happened was last year I was floating the clinch river and caught about a 10 inch rainbow on about a 6 inch suspending lure. Like the dummy I am I reached for the lure with my bare hand and yep, you guessed it, that rainbow went crazy and the next thing I know I've got a treble hook buried in my thumb all the way down to the center of the hook bend with the fish still on it a wallerin' and a yankin' and I couldn't get the fish off without intense pain so I had to kill it. I was by myself and didn't know what to do so I loaded up the boat and drove home with this 6 inch lure a danglin' from my thumb the whole way. When I got home I looked at some youtube videos to see what the proper course for removal would be. It was going to be up to my wife and some 20 lb test line I just happened to have. I told my wife to be brave and that I trusted her and she could do this so with confidence she tied the line around the hook and on a count of three she tight gripped that line and jerked that sucker right out of there. It hurt more thinking about it than when it came out. I had no feeling in my thumb for a couple of months afterwards but eventually got the feeling back. Lesson learned when you get a fish in the boat with a lure that has several treble hooks pin the fish down first and then take your pliers to remove the lure (dummy). When it happened again this past spring it wasn't anywhere near as bad as the first couple of times since it was a small jig hook and it went in sideways just under the skin of my finger and my brother was with me to pull it out with heavy gauge fishing line but even still and the motto of this story is "it hurt more thinking about it than when it came out."