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    I pursue everything that swims in TN waters with all types of tackle.
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  1. Fingerless wool gloves. I like the new Simms ones a lot so far (bought them in December) because they are tighter and softer than the military surplus ones, but I've used surplus ones for years. Sure, they aren't waterproof, but they are warm even when wet. My advice is also to have a few pairs with you (I always carry at least two pairs) because if one gets soaked, just switch it out.
  2. Striper57

    Release Schedule >

    There is also an app for your smartphone. I think it's called TVA Lake Info
  3. Striper57

    Which Paint for Whopper Ploppers?

    Not a problem! It's a fun way to recolor lures, especially soft plastics. I even take it on vacations just in case I need to do a color change on my swimbaits.
  4. Striper57

    Which Paint for Whopper Ploppers?

    I use the Copic Airbrush System for painting lures. It isn't the cheapest method, but it is effective, fast, and requires no cleaning. I just use the cheapest airbrush compressor from Harbor Freight to run the system. Btw, I know this was an old thread, but I noticed you didn't have an answer here, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents
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    U Rigs

    I've made my own for quite some time, both three arm and five arm. I use the heaviest stainless solid leader I could get, stainless or brass swivels in I believe size 5, and cross-lok snaps. Use an old 1/2 oz egg sinker mold to form a lead head around the junction of all the arms. Put a split ring on the arms before I attach the swivels so that I can pull it pack down for storage purposes.
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    New to Site

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    Hey Ya'll

    Thanks all!
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    54" Muskie

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    Hey Ya'll

    Will do. I'll give you a hollar when I get off work.
  11. Striper57

    Home made lure retriever

    Good job Zac!
  12. Striper57

    baitcasting reel for skippin?

    +1 on an educated thumb. The reel does not matter AS MUCH as your thumb, which is free to use! Use the gear you have and practice educating your thumb and teaching yourself the correct angles. It takes practice, but once you get it down, it becomes much easier.
  13. Striper57

    Android Apps - Which ones do you use?

    I use the TVA app almost every day. Also, I really like the Boat Ramps app from Take Me Fishing
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    How about a roll call to see where everyone is from

    Sevierville/Gatlinburg Area
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    I need batteries...suggestions?

    Sams Duracell AGM 30 series are best I have found for the money