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  1. Happy Birthday BayouCajun!

  2. rivet gun and old street signs….
  3. I am some slow…but, that is how I roll…or cut…or fish….but, when it comes to cooking….slow is mo better…just call me mo... So, here we go: I am going to cut the red line and put in another hinge to fold under, so I can use the cup holders that aren't fabricated yet…. and get rid of that sharp corner and cut a good radius…..and shorten the overhang length….but, hey….I am ready to go fishing and getting tired of all this fabricating. I can see the new side scan unit real easy….and reach the buttons on the units without stretching while sitting in the trolling chair…. Still have a lot to add to the console….grab bars, foot rests…mood lighting….LOCKS…plenty of LOCKS….. Installed the stereo….so ready for tunes…trolling with Pink Floyd….Lead in the water and Led Zep in the air….. Still need to permanently install the new switch panel, along with a lot of other gizmos….installing all 12 volt devices with plug in connectors…..everything….so…easy in….easy out. Just not fast in….first time. Slow going. I tested some cups with the cover prototyped as double hinged….and I am going to like this a lot. I have 3 cup holders in mind….the center one will have an automotive 12 volt tower fan…pointed at me. Need to resupply with more rivets, more hinges, check my supply of wire connectors, and zip ties….and get back to work…. or……. I am going fishing….
  4. Getting ready to mount that side imaging unit…. But First: it has been a long time in the works, thinking about doing this, time to think no more. Extending the console so that the I place my sonar right in front of me while I sit in my elevated center chair while trolling. Put in a shelf or two to help with non existent current storage. Replace switch panel, add switches for new electronics….side imaging, stereo, floor lights, storage lights, cabin lights, floodlights, mood lighting, running lights, anchor light, in flight lights, christmas lights…. glove box, cup holders, tackle storage…..plan is to have a dedicated spot on board for everything….no more carry on bags. I have more things to install in boat than I can remember collecting in the last year, going to spend the next week throwing all of it in the boat….thats the plan.
  5. Frank, that blue line is probably Ezell's 2 ounce downline egg sinker…..
  6. dave, headed to the garden center…I can picture black plastic flower pots surrounding both of my units….will measure units first, might cut out a cardboard shadow for size to carry with me. Those square or rectangle flower pots seem made to order as I sit here drinking another cup of coffee. Matching the bottom of the pot to the back of the unit….they even flare out….now if I had a harbor freight plastic welder….
  7. Questions on new install. Any tips? Updates - ? - What about a visor? For shading the screen from the sun? I know this will narrow the view….but, its not like I will have any usable view except with my head up in it anyway. Thinking about making some type of shroud or visor for it…..Probably use some cardboard or poster board for the first trip and see if it makes any difference….thinking about sheet plastic or rubber….maybe those 99cents placemats. Transducer? should be the same as the one I will be removing from the transom? Anything else?
  8. Frank, Love the screenshots, can't wait too long to make some of my own. Just not moving too fast lately, the harder I try to speed things up….the slower I get. I managed to hold the unit yesterday…. Charger1 stopped by the house yesterday and between his stash of stuff and mine we put together a single Ram mount for the bird, and then a double location ram mount for my little lowrance. Think I am going to remove the lowrance transducer from the transom and modify to put of trolling motor or get a trolling motor transducer (have to look up how much $) and then more time consuming rigging to get whichever to work with my minkota v2 with its inherent problems with not being designed to accommodate the sonar cord during stowing and spinning around a couple or three times…..and here is where I don't shine anymore…..anything that isn't out of the box is tough….executive function….covering new information……design of something new….comes at a real high price for me in factors of time….and recovery time….I am usually extremely proud of my extremely simple accomplishments….but….just loading the boat is a planning nightmare with an extreme cost….this is why I have been trying to get everything built in on the boat, so all I have to do is put the boat in the water with me in it. Catching fish is so second nature…there is no problem there. Anyway, I have a bunch of SD cards laying around, and planning my day out, think I will register the bird, get the updates, get the Humviewer, register online for the rebate…..so I guess by that time I won't have the bird on the boat at the end of another day. I guess I am lucky to not have seen all the toys on Ezell's boat….that much pain might push me over the edge.
  9. There is a cute commercial on TV about a guy who says never to a lot of things….getting married, having kids, having more kids, moving the suburbs, owning a minivan….I bet he would like fishing…. I remember a short while back, I had never owned a fish finder, except my certified addled neurons…then after looking at paper maps with all the obstacles under the water in the lakes that I was going to fish for the first time….I knew I needed some insight to what was under the waves for a safety factor, forget about seeing any fish….so I went fishing at the spring sale at bps and left with little Lowrance Elite 4, sonar, chart combo, with an included ram mount and Lake Insight Pro map card….at a sale price that gave me just what I needed to get started…..and my world of relying on making a guess of where to throw line that would be in the same lake as a fish….changed forever ​now….I had the minimum of what I figured I needed….for safety and fish finding….but….as I fished in a few other boats and started reading fishing forums….and looking at pretty pictures….there was still a lot I wanted…. So, to ease my pain….I started my mantra…. ​I will never have an i-Pilot….I will be stuck with my old underpowered, clunky operating foot control trolling motor…they are too expensive... ​I will never have down imaging…..I will never see those crisp, clear images of what is actually in the water…. ​I will never have side imaging…..I will never be able to hang a right to go after that school of spaghetti striped fish on the screen, or a halting left to attack that Christmas tree of delectable little spotted slabs….way too expensive…. ​I will never….became my mantra….and that was okay….I still caught fish…..but, I still wanted…. ​Well….watching classifieds paid off….when another fisherman decided to upgrade his i-Pilot….I had to say….I have an i-Pilot…. ​And then….. watching in excruiating pain at side imaging prices….and figuring that even sales, closeouts….classifieds (get real on the second hand prices)….my mantra kept kicking in…..I will never... ​and then…..side imaging at $399……plus a $50 rebate….$349…..online at a local retail store…..still $699 on the shelf….store honors the web price….of course it is a closeout and technology that is more than a couple of years old….a very small screen…..no 800khz beam….but….it is side imaging…..it has a little bird on the case…698ci HD SI with a transom transducer, (can upgrade to 800khz ducer, for $89, but 800 still won't work, the bird says 455 might work a little better)….you can swap for nothing for the other types of mount by mail. Found where the goose is on the mountain. ​Will have to bury my head in the unit to see it….resolution is less than the 598….640x480…..but, hey….my head has been up my Lowrance for the last 3 years... Don't know what it actually will do, as it is still at this moment….in the box…at least some of it….after being handled a bit….soon to go on boat…and a little less soon on and in the water…. ​So…..if you are looking for side imaging at a price that I don't think will likely be seen on another unit……the goose on the mountain has some.
  10. Happy Birthday BayouCajun!

  11. Rusty, I don't want to side track this thread, so I won't. I am tuning up, just like the thread title. It has been a slow fishing year for me, as I have only been on the water a literal handful of times, but I moved my boat within sight of my picture window and slung a boy scout tarp cover over it so I can see it at all times, hell even have a floodlight on it. I have made a few tuneups on the boat, and actually just getting started for my day…today…I will be doing some wiring on the boat while some store-bought steelhead trout are smoking on charcoal until either the trout or the people are done. (Last nite was tuna….tomorrow? salmon?) next week…..fish with stripes? The timing of this thread is right on….as I just ripped most of the wires out of my boat…two days ago…. Look for a post update on my boat build in the next day or so….probably in the open seat thread, too. I always have an open seat.
  12. Disclaimer: my experience, your milage may vary... after reviving my boat 3 years ago, after it sat for idle for a few years... after buying fuel line at china mart and then bps, it hurt to go to a dealer and buy a real fuel line and bulb, but it is still working. I tried the auto store plugs, because my 50 johnson plugs only available at dealer….motor ran, but rpms not there. Got, my rpms back with original style plugs. Having had 2002? year OMC went bankrupt motor, 2 cycle with oil reservoir…..I ditched that stuff, along with smoking like a ole coal train, now I mix my gas, no smoke, and no hard starts…. Keep the corn for shining, and not for running your outboard….no ethanol….no ethanol problems….simple math….no = 0. remember to clean and plug up your cooling water indicator tube….those pesky insects will plug it up for sure…..much easier and safer to clean off the water….but good to carry a coat hanger, still... I will throw in another cheap replacement to stay away from: cheap portable gas tank….I have one still….I had a 12 gallon tank from when I bought the boat new, and thought I would do myself a favor and get a six gallon tank, as burning more than that on one of these lakes in a day is kind of tough, and the weight savings and size would be an increase so many other good things like speed and fun. Now my original fishing, was running long distances in coastal marsh, 12 gallons was a must. Maybe they have fixed the venting problems with cheap six gallon tanks? don't know, but what a pain, having to vent tank a few times in a day by crawling back there and removing the cap. Cheap is not the way the go for a good time. Steering: if you have telflex steering….please attend to it….grease it….buy the right grease….it doesn't have a name, but it has numbers. Don't let it freeze up with corrosion. Every now and then off the water, I move the motor and inspect the steering tube. How do I know this…the hardest way….(let me say, if you have to bang on it to free it, disconnect the steering on the other end first, much easier and cheaper in the long run) Check your tilt motor fluid, bleed if necessary. Check your lower unit fluid…. I have the impeller to change it out….hope I don't become one of those statistics….need to change it….
  13. Fear me now….bateaux... for armed with a Harbor Freight portable band saw….there gonna be some cutting up for sure
  14. Well, now, its been way too hot to fish, way too hot for much of anything, at least for me... So, I have been cutting up and drilling holes and screwing into….just taking out my frustrations on my boat. Luckily for the boat, its been to hot for me to make much of a dent in it. But, here goes, latest changes: for when Charger1 comes on board with all of his crappy fishing experience, a place to put all of his poles….guess I will just man the ice chest. Thanks for dropping these off for me to play with in the heat. This is a first attempt at spider rigging, so the bases will likely change position a few times….I am way past having a problem with holes in the boat…I figure it makes it lighter in the long run. this may be a little to far to reach for a pole…guess I will have to go fishing to find out. heres the other rack, I cheated and used a couple of existing holes to place this one. heres what they both look like with a smorgasbord of rods and reels, mostly striper reels in the holders, just to get a feeling for how the layout works. Of course the big monkey wrench is the trolling motor. Since I have a used one that came off a deep vee boat, it stands quite tall and it is side mounted, so making a side to side exact mount placement is a challenge. The other thing is the width of the deck. I can't imagine having two chairs with two adults on the casting deck in the pitching waves of Douglas after a idiot bass fisherman has to pass close enough to cut my lines at full throttle while glaring at me through his full face shield on his crash helmet. Think I will stick to one seat on the deck. an alternate placement for the left hand rack, is in reach of the floor of the boat for the second angler, the rods just won't reach as far on the left side, but I think a lot safer for both anglers. Some other projects that I have yet to post pictures of: a windshield, and a console extension, where I am extending my right side console to the middle of the boat, making a under console storage locker and a glove box, with cup holders and grab bars, pictures coming soon.
  15. My T Fine. Nothing like a new ride. Not quite as much character as the other boat, and I agree….its a ploy to camouflage who is fishing in Dada's Hole….
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