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  1. Well....the details are mostly the same...except I am a measurable amount of slower....but no less determined, nor less hungry... I have a boat rigged for Cherokee and Douglas, and I can fish any day of the week....just not too many days too close to one another. I will be looking to fill an empty seat....if I don't know you...get in touch and we can grab a cup of coffee and see if we want to spend any hours on the water. Craig
  2. Hey Frank, Great news to see you move that tree this time... I haven't been on this website in a very long time, I have slowed down tremendously, just thinking about putting my boat in the water gets me tired enough to sleep all day....but, its been over a year and gonna get it done. Looking to do a little more driving around local this spring and summer, maybe look for real old houses, with a lot of fireplaces. Glad to hear and see you are moving around. I am also, in the workshop...tinkering mostly, making stuff that has never been made before, nor likely to ever be made again...rediscovered radios again...got my Ham License over a year ago and it keeps me busy showing others how to solder....a neat trick for someone with a wicked tremor. Keep on kicking, Prayers...
  3. somebody's still kicking...don't know quite how....boat has been out of the water for over a year....batteries are all charged up....all except mine. Thinking real hard about fishing. Last week got a new sticker for the boat....maybe next week a fishing license. I have been doing good it has been quite a while since I have visited the fishing website. I don't have dada's years, but he sure can run circles around me....he could a few years ago, and I know those circles would be bigger and more of them by now. I am slowing down quite a bit. Spent 9 days in the hospital back in Dec, more heart stuff....this time it has...slowed me down a few notches, not like the last time where I actually felt better after a few months. And I can't seem to decide which toothache is actually worse. Might be looking to fill a empty seat every now and then....and someone to make that walk up and down the ramps. I will never forget and always feel gratitude for the help you guys gave me when I needed the most.
  4. I have had this terrible itch for the last year or so, only got to scratch it two? or was it maybe three times? Will have to ask Charger1. I just looked at the weather and it looks like I will be itching inside for a while longer. I haven't seen the forum in probably a year, so whatever happened, it looks just about like I saw it the last time, except for being all different. What a world. Definitely time to go fishing. Looking forward to spring and some wet lines and bent poles and dancing planer boards. As soon as the frost is gone I will have to see if I can get the T&T to work on my 2001 50hp Johnson, it was having problems last few times on the water. Maybe have to put it in a shop and let work it over. But, going to hit the water more than 3 times this year. Hoping to see some encouraging fish stories while I dust off all the fishing tackle and get the boat rigged again to hit the water. I will be looking for old (really old) familiar faces.
  5. looks like I have missed a lot of crappie
  6. Happy Birthday BayouCajun!

  7. me thinks, its like a lot of other things we have to deal with unless we have an instantaneous vaporizer machine of specific destruction. It will take a generation (which one) to dramatically shift back to a state of judgement being accepted. I have pondered a lot of things in my life, and of late pondering is the easiest thing to do, next to sleeping, so it kind of comes naturally, so I do it a lot. Judgement……. Judgement isn't the problem….but being ingrained with the idea that one is above judgement…..that is the problem…. That is why they don't look back…..you don't have any right to judge anything they decide to do…..that is what the powers that be have created….to create the chaos that exists in the world today…..for a reason…..and that reason is heavy in judgement…..plenty of judgement coming….both on the ground…..and from above….. I will semi ready for what is coming from above…and begrudgingly watch what is going on below.....those that you refer to on the river…..aren't ready for either. So, your observation….is the progression of the chaos….very frustrating to watch and ponder a very bad plan coming to fruition. Me thinks, again, it will only get worse.
  8. rivet gun and old street signs….
  9. prayers, hate to hear about the setback, but, if we don't know we can't show, let me know if anything I can do to help
  10. I am some slow…but, that is how I roll…or cut…or fish….but, when it comes to cooking….slow is mo better…just call me mo... So, here we go: I am going to cut the red line and put in another hinge to fold under, so I can use the cup holders that aren't fabricated yet…. and get rid of that sharp corner and cut a good radius…..and shorten the overhang length….but, hey….I am ready to go fishing and getting tired of all this fabricating. I can see the new side scan unit real easy….and reach the buttons on the units without stretching while sitting in the trolling chair…. Still have a lot to add to the console….grab bars, foot rests…mood lighting….LOCKS…plenty of LOCKS….. Installed the stereo….so ready for tunes…trolling with Pink Floyd….Lead in the water and Led Zep in the air….. Still need to permanently install the new switch panel, along with a lot of other gizmos….installing all 12 volt devices with plug in connectors…..everything….so…easy in….easy out. Just not fast in….first time. Slow going. I tested some cups with the cover prototyped as double hinged….and I am going to like this a lot. I have 3 cup holders in mind….the center one will have an automotive 12 volt tower fan…pointed at me. Need to resupply with more rivets, more hinges, check my supply of wire connectors, and zip ties….and get back to work…. or……. I am going fishing….
  11. Getting ready to mount that side imaging unit…. But First: it has been a long time in the works, thinking about doing this, time to think no more. Extending the console so that the I place my sonar right in front of me while I sit in my elevated center chair while trolling. Put in a shelf or two to help with non existent current storage. Replace switch panel, add switches for new electronics….side imaging, stereo, floor lights, storage lights, cabin lights, floodlights, mood lighting, running lights, anchor light, in flight lights, christmas lights…. glove box, cup holders, tackle storage…..plan is to have a dedicated spot on board for everything….no more carry on bags. I have more things to install in boat than I can remember collecting in the last year, going to spend the next week throwing all of it in the boat….thats the plan.
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