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  1. libo

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    love them cardinal 4's
  2. libo

    Searching for Cardinal 4 spools

    sorry, fishman, was in tenn. in mar. left spools in Indiana, back in Indiana now. getting old. will try to remember spools next time in tenn. which I hope will be soon. where you located, when in tenn i'm near mooresburg.
  3. libo

    Searching for Cardinal 4 spools

    fishman, I'll be in tenn 1st of march will talk then.
  4. libo

    Searching for Cardinal 4 spools

    fishman- I have 2 card 4 spools, & 6 card 3 spools probably keep my card4 spools, but would give up some of the card 3 spools. do you know were I can get bail springs for the cardinals. if interested in card 3 spools post on here, i'm in Indiana right now but will be in tenn in march.
  5. used to be a muskie junkie, haven't caught one in some time. but still like to see those bad boys!!!!
  6. nice, great colors on that fish.
  7. libo

    Crankbait trolling

    i've caught them using berkley flicker shad in the (5cm) size. on cherokee. but not yet this year. boat in shop!!!!. any color as long as its silver
  8. libo


    i've caught many perch in lake michigan, but a 15" er is huge any where. i like to eat the 8,9,an 10"ers better, but i love any perch. those crappie look pretty tastey also. nice post. thanks
  9. libo

    Anybody catching any Sauger?

    caught a few sauger,[ saugeye] last week on cherokee. thought they where walleye until i put them in the fish box, an their true colors came out. ate just like walleye, ummmmmm!
  10. libo

    Best smallmouth day ever

    nice, great report.
  11. libo

    Cherokee Walleye Mtg w/TWRA

    wish i could be there. would be nice if someone took notes, an posted a report. hoping to be back in tenn by oct 8. theres a striper or 2 with my name on them. i hope !!!
  12. libo

    Prayer needed

    prayers sent.
  13. libo

    Prayer needed

    prayers sent
  14. libo

    Tellico walleye

    yum !!! walleye. nice fish and post
  15. libo

    My Nephews Birthday

    nice job , Ezell & ilovefeist.