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  1. Happy Birthday libo!

  2. Happy Birthday libo!

  3. good to see you back Cajun, missed your great stories. and he's right "do it now''
  4. Happy Birthday libo!

  5. using a bird 596c hd di an a bottomline pro, [old]
  6. I use a cobra hand held in tenn. up north on lake mich. i use a uniden radio, marine radio is a must have big lakes.
  7. great pic mr ecox, i also saw your shot of houseboat on norris. i've down imaging, but not side scan. please post more images, fun to try an figure out. an good learning tool.
  8. new member,striper addict in the making. learned alot from the striper guys on etf. even joined the TSBA. but I also like to fish for anything that pulls my line. fish mostly cherokee right now.
  9. I've owned both mk an motorguide, liked them both. now i'm using min kota power drive
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