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  1. Personally I think water temps are the key. Along with light winds and skies that are not high pressure bluebird. I'm going to go fishing when I can regardless of moon phase, cows eating, cows in a huddle, dogwoods blooming or anything except lightning. I make to big of a target to fish in lightning! I do think a new moon is best but i'm going to go if the Lord's willing and the ramp ain't flooded LOL
  2. Started @ high noon. Done @ 3p Thought I'd wait the rain out. I did. But the wind was fierce today. Stopped and put rocks in my pockets to stay in boat. Fished 3 hrs--had 4 bites caught 3 14-15 in LM on the old creature baits, 2 t-rig 1 c-rig. Had to use heavy bullet sinkers. Didn't see much shad activity but with the white caps twas tough just to reach bottom. Probably could have caught a few more but the wind was more than I wanted to contend with. Might sneak off again tomorrow
  3. @ high noon 10-16 it was 73 degrees @ Dandridge boat ramp.
  4. Have to dress in layers as it easier to take clothes off than freeze in the morning. Lots of fog in the fall and with typical blue bird skies the bite is pretty good until the sun gets bright. Couple pals caught 30 crappie, only a few kept but it seems everything is ready for a good fall bite.
  5. Twas windy enough to blow up an onion sack today LOL 76 @ daylight and stayed there all day. Did I mention the wind, it was blowing and chilly all day. We caught 9 with 2 being short smallmouth all on creature baits. Some friends reported catching on topwater but not for us. Had to T-rig with 1/2 oz weight just to feel bottom. Had 7 before 930a and 2 rest of day. Nothing big as 2lber was our biggest. But we had a good time. Last week hotter than 3 kinds of he## and this weekend colder than a mother in law's heart, wow I think fall is here. And fishing of all sorts is going to get better, I hope. First time ever that I could put my hands in the water to get warm, you could actually fee the warmth above the surface. Got home to learn TN won a ball game! Something about the full moon I suspect LOL
  6. @ daylight today Sat 12---76 Degree @ 2 p when I was done it was still 76 degree.
  7. Not a good pic but best I could do by my self. Bite is still linda slow. Didn't get on water until 3p. Trying to get rebuilt motor propped out and can't pass an opportunity to fish. This fish fell for a brush hop dragged on the old ball and chain. Temp was 75-77 from 3p til dark thirty.
  8. Glad to hear your catching and got good report on the ticker!
  9. Daylight til 130p. Splashed at Walters Bridge and water was 77 and a bit murky. Think it rained over in NC. Had 5 lm. dragging the old ball and chain , jig and shaky head. 2--shaky head---2--jig---1 C-rig. Bite was slower than a 3 week payday. Caught fairly shallow throwing on points while boat is in 12-18 ft. Nothing bigger than 2 lbs but twas as much fun as one can have with his clothes on LOL
  10. Sad news, thoughts and prayers for family
  11. don't know if this works or not, Dada, but some same adding one aspirin to the minnow bucket and keep water cold helps keep them from frying in this heat. Probably use a bit of Sure Life or another chemical brand and ice might help with minnows. We use it for our bass tourneys, Seems to work well. Just a thought
  12. While getting boat situated, in parking area, a fellow boater pulled up beside us. Just him and me up there fighting the heat LOL See him a lot and we shoot the bull a bit. Said he had 7 crappie on fly/minnow combo but they were short of keep size. The pipeline area. Not breaking any secrets here, he doesn't care. But he did catch em.
  13. Tubejig


    I don't think Schiano was fired and he stayed on with OSU and left there for New England Patriots. Better coach? Subjective to one's own opinion. I like Pruit but I think Schiano is a better football mind that would never have fit in here. A good litmus test is after a new coach has 3-4 recruiting seasons. Then the team is made up of his choices. I think TN fans are in for a long season. Penn State scandal was 2011. It was 2016 before they had double digit wins. This might take awhile for TN to get on track. in the past 10 years TN has had 2 9 win seasons and the rest were 4-7. I'm going to watch the games and hope they win.
  14. Water level is 986.18 and with all the pulling of water the Leadvale area is best for us. But I only get a few hrs a week until I get my tub back on water. It's rather slow but it'll get better i hope
  15. Tubejig


    They haven't been a contender for Top 10 team since the late 90's. Just went through a coaching hire fiasco that left UT in a national embarrassment . They had a coach hired and then even though he was not part of Penn State's troubles, they left him at the alter. A better coach. President and Athletic Director had to find work somewhere else. A lot going on and all of it a unnecessary pox brought to you every day on ESPN, presented as blunder of the day. If Pruit has a large enough bilge pump to right this ship , it'll take a few years. The UT fan base has some issues. Yes it was a terrible loss. New recruits are going to be shown , by the other schools, the whole fiasco and likely UT will miss out on several key players for years to come. Football season means less people on the lake and fishing will pick up. Get our priorities in order LOL
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