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  1. Fit mine 2013 Skeeter FX21. Bought Ultrex and was installed at Watson's Marine. Had Fortrex.
  2. All public ramps at night are bad for thieves. If your gonna park and be out through the night you could get vandalized. I do not leave anything of value in plain sight and lock doors and hope for the best. Never make it easy for the would be thief. If you have valuable stuff--leave it home. Dandridge, Swann's, Walters bridge, dam and any other public place is subject to be pilfered through and even spare tires aren't safe. Same for Cherokee. Any ramp that charges a fee like campgrounds is less likely. I use any ramp but try to have nothing laid out. Imagine these kinds of thieves are dopers and they will steal anything.
  3. Econ. I did get your card. I'd like to call you sometime. If that's ok. Good time?
  4. Just a useless knife review

    Cutco, without doubt is the best cutlery in the world! I didn't mention Cutco because it is very costly IMO. Made in America, too!
  5. Appreciate you guys stopping by. Sorry I missed you. Probably had to pee LOL
  6. Just a useless knife review

    I agree, a good knife is needed for cleaning fish. I like the Ka-Bar fillet Knife. $35-40 for 6 in or 9 in . Stays sharp a long time and sharpens quickly, Smoky Mt Knife Works has them. On web site, I think, and they ship. In case you can't visit the store. A good knife costs a bit-- but buying one and using it for years is better than the cheap ones. IMHO
  7. Ok, I'll try to help you. contact me 606 434 9146. VM if I don't answer with your info and good time to reach you.
  8. if you plan to attend the East TN Fishing Show at the Expo Center on Clinton Hwy, stop by the ALX Rods booth and say hello. Remember ask for Rick---they don't know my real name, Tubejig. So I have to use alias---Rick. The best looking guy in the show, I'd say LOL Seriously-- stop by, I'd be proud to get to meet any or all of you rascals. These are nice bass fishing rods and I know most of you are crappy crappie fishing folks, except Troutgirl and Ecox and the other striper dudes. But, stop by and visit. This is not an attempt to sell you a rod. Just say howdy. I will be there late this afternoon and all day Sat and Sun.
  9. Fiberglass / Core Materials Locally?

    Fire your Googler up and search Norwood Fiberglass in Seymour, TN
  10. Crappie Size

    Captain D'S is pretty good spot for fish right now LOL Not as good ,perhaps, as fresh caught crappie but the weather there is comfortable
  11. be careful on those icy ramps

    I'd stay home. Never thought of chains on icy ramp--that's a good thing LOL
  12. New to the forum

    Nice to read ya!
  13. cherokee/ douglas

    Still some ice in Walters Bridge area. I don't see anyone fishing up here the last few days. I live in White Pine and drive up there and look around every couple days. Haven't seen anyone at Swann's either. Not sure what you're asking about Morristown
  14. Green pumpkin, watermelon and red are my main choices. Not much of a flake [don'y ask my wife] but when in doubt black. Lizards, craws and creature type baits are about it. Color not as important as to where and when I'm fishing.
  15. JKLBassin has joined us!

    Glad you're here! Now tell us how to catch a bass or 2 , the bass that ain't froze that is LOL