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  1. Winter Fishing

    No. No one would want a custom lure I built--includung me LOL Small friendly tournaments on occasion until spring at least--then they all get unfriendly!!!!! Sales. Archery mostly. ALX Rods--check them out--good stuff. Winter work means more time in spring. Rep a few knife lines. Wife owns an agency and makes me work for my supper LOL
  2. Winter Fishing

    I like to fish afternoons in winter. I will fish for crappie but I really don't get to fish as much in colder weather. Busy time for us. But the fishing can sometimes be very good. Bass is my preferred prey as I just catch em and toss em back and enjoy the fight. But a good crappie supper is hard to beat.
  3. Lake Map Web Application Accuracy?

    Me 2 bubaroo! I've heard a few guys that use this ap and use I-pad on boat. It's getting to be winter time and scouting out the lake while kicked back on the couch is to cool for school LOL
  4. Jim has joined us!

  5. Lake Map Web Application Accuracy?

    I, too, use this ap from time to time. I have lowrance and use Navionics on 3 units. It's good stuff. I use the ap at home to sorta scout areas. Then go to those spots and zoom in from boat. Great for house foundations--plenty of stuff. Slicker than snot on a doorknob!
  6. New setup I am almost done with.

    I fish ALX Rods and they have mid-micro guides. I'm a fan of micro guides, you made a good choice there IMO. TN handles is another feature I like. Use to be a few manufacturers offered these but you don't see them as often these days. I've got an old Castaway with TN handle and love it. Congrats on your build!
  7. fish in in the marsh

    Nice Redfish
  8. Kastking Braid

    kastking, doyo, Banax, Daton and a few other manufacturers do OEM work for some of the big name brands. A manufacturer contracts with companies to build their products to their own specs. Doesn't mean they are all equal in terms of quality materials or workmanship. Look at how many brands are out there. Rods/Reels are like any other channel of business. It's a global economy. Same thing for bait companies. Shimano is primarily a bicycle manufacturer. High end bikes. They know gears. That's why their reels are considered to be gold standard. But the Japanese economy is strong, like ours, and they have a lot of their stuff made in Malaysia. Sometimes, likely in the case of Rooster's line, you can get high quality products from a brand you never heard of. Not always. A guy I know runs a business and specializes in reel repair. Says the insides of Lew's and Abu's, reeves and such, are very similar. Made in same place with same quality. I don't really know. Don't discount China made products. Many are very good quality. It's the company having stuff build that may have high standards or not so high. Buy better brands, get warranty. Spend a lot. Buy cheap, usually no warranty. Take a chance. Read reviews and do due diligence. You many find a bargain. You may get burned. Good winter project if you have time. Sorry for the long post, just got carried away LOL
  9. Kastking Braid

    google search Kast King. Only so many manufacturers of fishing products. There line of reel is very similar to brands you know better. Line too.
  10. Good Bank Spots

    Nina Creek on Douglas. Water is down a lot so there's plenty of places to walk or you can just back your truck by the water. Sit on tailgate and fish. Off rt 113 just out of White Pine.
  11. 9.9 fixed

    Good deeds are good stuff
  12. Leadville Run

    Politicians do. One day they're for it next day they're against it. Lying at least 50% of the time. Slicker than a peeled onion. Weather people are forecasting/predicting. Guessing maybe.
  13. minnow trap

    Slicker than a minners tale
  14. Still poor fishing

    Well the bass fishing is still slower than a 3 week payday! Saturday, back to the Big Injun and 5 and 1/2 bass. All large mouths. Gotta get better
  15. Berkley Cherrywood Rods

    They do serve a purpose. But they are heavy and seem to get heavier throughout the day. They come in handy for moving baits like spinnerbaits or cranks that don't have to be sensitive. However in my not so humble opinion a really good light rod made with good components is needed to fish worms or jigs. Large cranks, for me, need a good quality technique specific rod or I get to tired to fish all day. Want at least a 7 1/2 ft rod with moderate action in a med heavy. I prefer ALX Rods in IKOS series that retail around $150. You can feel a bass breath on one of these rods. Google them. Ask your local retailer if he can get them. Watson's Marine is only place I know stocks them.