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  1. Baseball player, John Rocker? Great pitcher. Welcome. Been awhile since I've heard of John Rocker.
  2. Hope you enjoy our state. Fishing is good here. What part of TN? Welcome to TN
  3. hope you get satisfaction from Boatmate. That's a lot of money to spend and have issues like that. Is there consumers advocate program through TN State Attorney's office? There's a lot of forums on the net to share photo's about this.
  4. He used to be Cajun Marine near Swann's Marina. Never have owned this brand but I've heard good reviews. Congrats on new prop turner!
  5. Nice to read ya! I think there is some members here that fish your water. It's a bit slow sometimes but they're here. You might try google to learn more about you motor. But as a general rule of thumb I've always tried to use regular , ethanol free, fuel. My engine is 2005 model. If it's a four stroke you should call the manufacturer as the one I had called for specific octane. Keep us posted as what you catch.
  6. I'd start with the ball on the fuel line then where the fuel line connections. I'm like you , if it ain't broke--don't fix it.
  7. Happy to read ya! Can't help in the areas mentioned but hopefully someone can come along.
  8. Who thought for a minute you was with Grateful Dead! Glad to have ya
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