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  1. Tubejig


    good on you!
  2. Tubejig

    Best reel repair shops in the Knoxville area

    Contact the manufacturer.
  3. Tubejig

    Best reel repair shops in the Knoxville area

    Yes. He's been sick but he's working. Quality is first class. He usually tears them down, all the way and puts the good parts in parts washer and replaces worn parts. If you're looking for a quality job performed by a craftsman Dominion is the guy to call. Some guys out there will pull side plates and squirt a cleaner in there and tell you it's cleaned. That's not the way he works. Very professional, very meticulate about his work. No, I'm not related or have an interest in this business. I will brag on people when they've earned it.
  4. Tubejig

    Best reel repair shops in the Knoxville area

    Dominion Tackle dominiontackle.com He's been sick and scheduling the work is important. Jim is the best I know. He does repair for several shops and is factory authorized for some brands. Call him and he'll shoot you straight. Had several done over the years.
  5. There is lots of places in that area to park and lots of water to fish from the bank or a boat. Good luck
  6. The Chick is tough as are most lakes through the summer for bass anyways. Fished in the early spring and late in fall can get you a huge LM. See guys on other forums posting pics of crappie now. But they live near that lake. Go to Chester Frost, big park over there, and go fishing. Redworms under slip float for bream. Maybe a lively minnow for both crappie. Drag a Texas rigged plastic worm and you might catch a bass. But a guy using google to bait a hook might be trolling, if so you've caught a few!
  7. Tubejig

    Old Hickory 8-3-19

    Nice going!
  8. Tubejig

    Even the liars

    Fishing has been so slow that even the liars aren't catching much LOL
  9. One more suggestion. go to local bait shop, Dayton Boat Dock if you are near Dayton or wherever else near lake. Buy license and pick up TWRA guide. Website is very good too. But if you are a noobie the magazine guide is good to carry with you. Lots of info.
  10. You're on one of best bass lakes in the world. Get acquainted with locals. The lake has a ginormous population of crappie. Get on https://webapp.navionics.com/#boating@10&key=mhxzEx~e{N and learn the area. I'm assuming you will be bank fishing for the most part. Based on the Harrison Bay pier mentioned above . But if you run this lake in a boat, stay in river channel that is clearly marked. Dangerous as a cocked gun, even at full pool. Harrison Bay and the nearby marinas would be hard to pass up, boat or no boat. I rarely fish live bait. Sometimes in winter chasing crappie.
  11. Tubejig

    Cherokee 7-26-19

    Howdy Lumpy--last I heard a guy called Lumpy he was on Leave it to Beaver show LOL I have no knowledge of cat fishing but I'd like to think there is plenty in Cherokee. I do see bank fishing at 25E bridge. I , remember I don't really know, think I would try to target areas close to ramps and campgrounds. Lots of folks throw whatever bait they have left in water. Gotta attract Mr Whiskers as I do catch a few bass that way. Hopefully someone else can help. Welcome to the site!
  12. Tubejig

    Lake Ontario trip

    Nice fish and sounds like ya'll had a great time! When you having a fish fry for the site LOL
  13. Tubejig

    Cherokee 7-26-19

    Water 85 @ 545p. Air 85. Sunny and mild wind, except my pal breaks wind a lot LOL Caught one sm that might have been a 1 lber. That was it. Loaded up at dark and will try again one evening next week. Did talk to a few at the ramp and everyone is having the summer time blues!
  14. Tubejig

    Douglas 7-25

    Fished and from pt 17 back to Walters Bridge. Had 6lm and 1 sm. Nothing over 2 lb. SM was about 16 in. Water 82 at 530p. Some floaters due to rain. Deep--25-30ft--on shaky heads . 79 degree air temp and felt nice
  15. Tubejig

    Done with daytime fishing til Fall

    Might possibly go out on a nice cloudy day and do a little exploring. Marking waypoints and such. But as far as fishing in daytime---that's over. Evening fishing is about it for me. Could be out after dark some but gave up all nighters a long time ago. Other than working a bit summer is for mater sammichs I'm hoping to get some boat maintenance done too!