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  1. Tubejig

    Douglas report

    My problem is catching! I usually don't catch fish that deep. But I use clips instead of fizzing. Not sure why I didn't mention this before, getting old ain't for the faint of heart, but I find it easier to use clips on the bottom fins to keep the fish from floating upside down. If the bladder gets full of air too quickly, bring to surface quickly will cause this, a good way to keep them alive is to use alligator clips. The clips keep the fish weighed down on bottom forcing the fish to stay upright. Staying upright keeps fish from bloating and choking to death. Remember these methods are for survival of fish that are going to be in live well for some time before going to weigh in. Dead fish don't do anyone any good unless you are going to have them for supper! I've never heard of the crappie guys doing this, maybe they do and maybe they don't. The crappie tourney guys may be helpful in learning if they have "tricks". Most guys and gals that I know keep their crappie catch or release immediately which eliminates fizzing or clipping. Going to fish Sat and Monday. Happy Turkey Day!
  2. Tubejig

    Douglas report

    Youtube has a bunch of vids on this subject. When a bass gets hooked in deep water ,in summer months especially, then get brought to the surface the bladder can swell. This air bladder swelling up can cause survival issues. Fizzing is the way to go id you do not release immediately . Tournament guys in the summer do it to save the fish. Search it on youtube. Very Interesting
  3. Tubejig


    Fitzgerald Fishing has some really good flouro and braid. Only place I know that carries it is Bucks N Bass in Dandridge. Not really a big fan of flouro but Fitzgerald has changed my thinking. Very good knot retention. The braid could be one of the best around. Green is my choice. FWIW
  4. Tubejig

    Fishfanatic has joined us!

    There seems to be some striper guys here that know their stuff. Glad to read ya
  5. The presentation is key. If I am flipping 1/2 oz jig with a baby brushoff for a trailer and the cover is thick----I'll be using 20lb mono. If the bass likes the looks of said jig I'm gonna be happy. The big line is needed for this presentation as much lighter and it won't last long. If I tried throwing a 3/16th crappie jighead with a curly tail with the same 20lb line, I'll be not so happy. The smaller jig can be presented in a manner the crappie want it with much lighter line and vice versa. Presentation is the key element. And boat position and noise if shallow fishing and etc etc etc. Only 2 things on a fish's mind and thats sex and food. The sex part is over after spawn, but a fish is gonna look for food everyday. Ultra clear water vs stained water vs muddy water and windy day vs calm days vs hot days vs cooler days == man vs fish. All factors to some degree but if you don't present the bait in a manner that looks ribeye and baked spuds you may be going home with live wells better suited for dry storage LOL Life's good, UT won a football game, the temps are good and I'll be looking for food all day! Spawning is out of the question LOL
  6. Fluorocarbon line has stretch, sometimes as much as mono. Cheap flouro stretches quite a bit. Advantage for flouro is less visible and sinks a bit faster. There are several line tests and comparison around the net. Read it at tackle tour.com. The twist, memory, knot strength are issues of flouro that I don't think are worth the money. A good mono or copolymer works for me. The no stretch is marketing. When you compare apples to apples and do a little research, you also may find that copolymer is a very good choice and won't be as expensive as some other lines. Braid with leaders is great way to increase sensitivity. It's the braid not the leader. Leader is for less visibility. Yellow line is not crap. A lot of guys use it and it works for them. TNKen is correct, in my opinion, the presentation is key.
  7. Tubejig

    Urban sauger

    Males you a urban legend!! Glad you're catching a few, good table fare
  8. Asian Carp---Let's hope and pray this doesn't happen here. Ky Lake
  9. 100 ft would be a lot even if the carp was pole vaulting ! I agree with you Rusty, that would help. It's a problem that needs fixed. Not just us fishing folks but entire communities are hurting . Hotels, restaurants, bait and tackle shops, recreational users and the entire economy takes a hit. I've read some, not a lot, about Asian carp. Read where it is main ingredient for some dishes. Imitation crab was on the list. Should be a market for them somewhere.
  10. Keep up the good work. The only thing I know for certain is we do not want any of the problems associated with Asian Carp. It's practically destroyed the economy on Ky Lake. Trying to fish where these invasives have become such a problem can be risky. I've heard nightmares of fish jumping in the boat and whacking folks on the head. Bow fishing tournaments reporting several thousand lbs of the Asian Carp killed haven't even scratched the surface. They can't kill them fast enough and the processing companies are saying the fish represent low margins. Hopefully a solution can be found.
  11. Tubejig

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    High pressure days and high temps suck out loud but I fish a couple local clubs and we just go anyway, When current is available on these days, I'll be there too. I do catch a few on these days if i can get the first bite. The bass, not sure of the other fish, are quite predictable if you can get one or two bites..usually deep and lethargic. There is plenty of current now as the turbines are running hard getting ready for loads of rain from hurricane.
  12. Tubejig

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    It's fishing--not rocket science LOL Don't over think the baits. They either bite or not. Changing presentations, types of baits and areas is just part of it. I do not fish brutal cold days with emphasis on brutal. Bluebird days can be a good if I can slow down to a crawl with my presentations. If I stayed home due to bluebird skies I wouldn't get to fish much in summer or fall. Just part of it. It's important for me to just go fishing, enjoy the time on water and try to learn new things. Fishing for me is as much fun as I can have with my clothes on LOL
  13. Tubejig

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    Shaky heads rigged with little worms or a trick worm can get you fish too. congrats
  14. It's not rocket science LOL Weekends are extremely busy as this is a vacation destination. BASS and FLW both come here often and lots of people that follow the tours fish/vacation here. East TN has a large population. Smoky Mt National Park is the most visited park in the system. Really want to see a circus---The Chick on Saturday morning in spring. On Douglas and Cherokee the 3hr local tournaments are every night. 10-50 boats. Would think it's that way on most other lakes in East Tn Weekends for the leisurely fishing crowd should be avoided. It's public water and the jet ski, pleasure boater and even the wake board boats have a right to use the lakes. I have to remind myself of that on days I fish a derby LOL. Hopefully you'll fit in here and enjoy all the good things of living in TN. Personally., I love it.
  15. Tubejig

    fall shad and bass

    Usually water temps are key. Bass usually-not always-start chasing shad when water is in mid 70's and days are shorter. For me this is good time for traps, smaller cranks and if they are out on points or 1st secondary point a larger shad colored crank 5XD or 6XD or similar . Senkos can get you a bite at this time too. But i wouldn't hesitate to throw a big jig either. We're catching bass 15-20 ft now. Slow and slower slowest presentations.