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  1. Tubejig

    Little humor

    A little lady went to buy cat food. She picked up three cans, but was told by the clerk, " Sorry, but we can't sell this to you without proof you have a cat. Too many seniors are buying cat foot to eat. Management wants proof that you are buying this for your cat." The lady went home, brought in her cat and was sold the cat food. The next day, she tried to buy two cans of dog food and was again told she couldn't buy them without proof. The lady went home, brought in her dog and was sold the dog food. One day later, she brought in a box with a hole in the lid and asked the cashier to stick her finger in the hole. The cashier said, "No, you might have a snake in there." The lady assured her that there was nothing in the box that would harm her. The cashier put her finger into the box, quickly pulled it out and exclaimed, "That smells like crap!" The lady replied, "It is. I want to buy two rolls of toilet paper."
  2. Tubejig

    Jon Boat Conversion

    I don't know where you are but I'd check with local welding shops for metal. Best bet might a salvage yard. Google welding supply shops in your area. Just had some work done on boat trailer at Baxley's Welding and Fabricating in White Pine. Very good work and reasonable pricing.
  3. Tubejig

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Dada---do you play music anyplace near Sevierville, Morristown or Newport? I'm gonna try and come listen to you but I'm traveling a lot in JAN but Feb looks like I'm home a bunch. You pick I'll grin. Maybe some of the others here might want to go!
  4. Tubejig

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Can't pick nothing, well maybe my nose! But I would like to hear the music. Swimming with bow legged women, fishing , big bottom women, fishing and bluegrass! Life is good LOL
  5. Tubejig

    New Years fishin

    Yes Dada-----Douglas is mud soup and looks like it might be a few days before that changes. As fer yeller perch I got nutin
  6. Tubejig

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Dada----maybe you shoulda been on Hee Haw with Grandpa Jones!
  7. Tubejig

    New Years fishin

    Looks like you have some good luck! Went over to Cherokee yesterday. Had a goodwin come unbuttoned on a tube and caught a small guy on ship rap. Buddy forgot his rain gear so we didn't stay 2 hrs before---you guessed it--started raining LOL
  8. Tubejig

    Happy New Year!

    Have Happy Crappie New Year! Have a kick bass New Year! Have an all about the trout New Year! Happy New Year to all !!
  9. Tubejig

    Christmas fishing

    Good on you---hoping to get on Cherokee tomorrow afternoon. Kinda depends on my pal's health
  10. Tubejig

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Going over to Cherokee tomorrow. High mid to upper 50's and mostly sunny is a great Christmas present from God. Maybe a few more nice days next week.
  11. Tubejig

    Merry Christmas

    Ah Miss Trout Girl, thanks for Murray Groundhog Day! 2nd fav is Arbor Day---except technically you're supposed to plant a tree---another do nothing out of the norm holiday! Really like holidays that don't take away from my fishing funds LOL
  12. Tubejig

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas fellow fishing men and women! What's your favorite holiday? Me you ask LOL It's Groundhog Day. 1st hint of spring and costs nothing. Nothing closes for Groundhog Day. Really a good holiday whether the old groundhog sees his shadow or not!
  13. Tubejig

    Boat storage

    In a storage facility I'd rather not mention the name of, I had my boat broke into. The storage place place was really nice. Had a password protected gate and a high fence plus it was well maintained. This theft was not their fault at all. The guy that broke in and took my tackle, rods and some other stuff was also a tenant of this place. Just can't be too careful. But it was under a shed and not in a room. Insurance paid but premiums went up, a lot. Merry Christmas!