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  1. Tubejig

    Lowrance HDS Live

    Lowrance is costly compared to all the other overpriced fishing electronics that become old stuff compared to the yearly onslaught of new overpriced gear. That said Lowrence offers really top of the line electronics. I'd have to really be able to justify the higher cost of LiveSight plus the Live units. Doubt it would do much to help my fishing. But it would be fun.
  2. Tubejig

    Numbered point signs

    Appreciate the info. That is what I was looking for, thanks
  3. Plus for me, black Friday 1/2 off.
  4. Tubejig

    Drop shot

    Like MuskyMan said, it's what you make of it. If bass are eating a shake head then odds are they'll eat a drop shop finesse bait. Throw it everywhere. The electronics show a school in deep water, drop straight down. do anything you want with it. Experiment with it and get back to us.
  5. Check Garmin's website. I think if you bought them within a year that yes there is an update available. I use the same units and I've owned several birds and Lawrence units over the years. Garmin when comparing apples to apples is the bomb! You will need a card for the update. Depth shading makes running unfamiliar water a breeze. I know for me, the mapping is the best feature. All the sonar stuff is good and I use it but the mapping is my most used feature.
  6. Nice rig! Try unscrewing the screens in your live well and you should see a hole. Plugs to fit this are cheap at Home Depot. It worked for me on my Skeeter. Garmins, I love mine. You might be eligible for the new upgrade for mapping. Garmin owns Navionics and the new upgrade is great. Free too. Congrats on your rig
  7. Tubejig

    Transom rebuild

    looks very nice. I'll bet it did take some time to do all that, congrats on a job well done!
  8. I fish douglas and Cherokee mostly. Both have signs with numbers. Point 18 is near Taylors Bend on Douglas for instance. I have always used these for reference to my location. There are 2 point 19 signs on Douglas. There is also some kind of information under the big number. The lake according to google is about 40 miles in length. Over 500 hundred miles of shoreline. Lots of twists and feeder creeks. so I don't think these signs indicate miles from dam, but I don't know. What is the actual meaning of these signs/markers ?
  9. Tubejig

    Fished 5-2-19

    Douglas mostly. Cherokee some. About as far as I stray. Like your avatar
  10. Tubejig

    Rainy Cherokee

    The c-rig can be a PIA but it does catch fish. Sometimes , me this year, you don't catch the bigger fish that maybe a jig would catch but it does work well. I tend to bring 2 rigged rods. Because you're right it takes a minute to tie 3 knots and cut the leader line to length you prefer. so at 2 rods and maybe a couple leaders already tied. It's worth the effort to me but it getting time to diversify. Top water and bigger cranks maybe.