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  1. Tubejig

    Accidents happen, split second

    What Rusty said----me too
  2. Tubejig

    Rod repair in Knoxville area?

    I would check with local tackle shops. Most have a guy that picks them up at the shops and returns a few days later, If this is a fly rod try Orvis in Sevierville.
  3. Tubejig

    Prayer Request

    Glad to read that your mom is doing better. Be strong
  4. Tubejig

    Prayers for dada

    Glad to see that you are doing well. It's best to follow instructions from the Dr even if you don't want to LOL
  5. Glad you got a good shop! Hard to find sometimes. Ty's Outboard , located not far from German Creek bridge on Cherokee, is also an e-tec shop. FYI for those living nearby
  6. Tubejig

    Douglas report 4-10-18

    Glad ya caught some! I too went yesterday and had 2 bass over 4lb which is very good for me. One was a spot and that's a bonus as they are meaner than a junkyard dog!!! Seen a bunch of crappie guys---I mean guys catching crappie LOL Wishing a speedy recovery, guys.
  7. Tubejig

    A grim reminder of pfd importance

    Can't fix stupid!
  8. Tubejig

    49 pound bag in FL - WOW!

    Enjoyed this video--a bunch. But as I was watching, I couldn't help from think they could have used both live wells. That's a lot of fish for such a small space. Maybe it didn't work. Happens. I get it that they want to weigh without a crowd. Lakes in FL are very crowded but fish care is important. I haven't been to Big O in many years, used to go every year for a few days in winter. It can be slicker than a peeled onion one minute and rougher than a 3 week payday the next!
  9. Tubejig

    Walleyes missing

    Glad that worked for ya, Dada!
  10. Tubejig

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    I'd start as far back in cuts and creeks as I could get. Work my out to mail lake points. Add a jig to your list. Some of the bass will be very shallow, bedding. Scattered from 1st secondary point to back. G-ville has many large flats off of main TN river channel. I highly recommend staying away from barge traffic and if you do fish a ledge or 2 be prepared for high rollers. Good luck
  11. Tubejig

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    Matzuo is good quality. You can use any crappie tubes/shads etc Put a bit of super glue on the bait keeper and you can fish the same tube longer. The fingernail polish will do it too. Dada, which kind do you use Revlon or Avon LOL Hook size would be personal preference but a sickle hook is designed to keep live bait and your catch on the hook better than some others. Again that a personal thing.
  12. Tubejig

    Bank Fishing Today

    Bluebird sky days can be tougher than a 3 week payday sometimes! But you did catch some and that is better than zero
  13. Tubejig

    Fishing License

    $34 for license in TN this year. Just bought one. I know there is fees for other tags that can add to the price. But it could be worse. The ramps for the most part are in good condition and the money from licenses funds most of what we do. Fed money is also gathered by you the license buyer. An excise tax is paid by each manufacturer of sporting goods. The tax, both fed and state, is a usage tax, no hunt/fish means no license. If administered correctly a usage tax is a fair shake for us. Death and taxes don'tya know LOL
  14. Tubejig


    It's gonna get nicer I'm told. Gonna add some walking tracks later. After bridge is complete and the ramp is widened, it's gonna be nice for folks to enjoy the lake, City of Dandridge, Tourism and state all have a part in it. TVA is likely gonna have control of ramp extension. Federal, state and local taxes going for a good cause. Cooler than the other side of the pillow!
  15. Tubejig

    Local mud report for Tuesday 27th

    Everyone needs a little nap now and again LOL I always enjoy having my daughters visit. They will fish a bit but mostly we just enjoy the day. Fishing ain't always about fishing