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  1. Who thought for a minute you was with Grateful Dead! Glad to have ya
  2. Bass Pro offers the Heritage. New outfit for around 10,500. I'd love a jet but, big guy here, I might need to get a rocket LOL
  3. I found Chevron Techron plus Marine for a good price. Amazon, I don't see any chevron stations around here but this is good stuff too . May try this. but I've used the Stabil and it's good stuff.
  4. I'd love to have 18.5-19.5 tin boat with jet engine. Go anywhere most anytime. Can't afford one now and hate payment plans. But maybe some day.....
  5. East Ky is a good a place to be from as any--from being the key word! I've spent time in Pike and Johnson counties myself. Happy to read ya LOL
  6. Welcome Ronnie! Bet it's a challenge to fish naked LOL
  7. Welcome. I think I recognize your name from another site. Hope you are catching some fish.
  8. I'm a Steeler fan too, lifelong I might add. Welcome
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