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  1. Tubejig

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    High pressure days and high temps suck out loud but I fish a couple local clubs and we just go anyway, When current is available on these days, I'll be there too. I do catch a few on these days if i can get the first bite. The bass, not sure of the other fish, are quite predictable if you can get one or two bites..usually deep and lethargic. There is plenty of current now as the turbines are running hard getting ready for loads of rain from hurricane.
  2. Tubejig

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    It's fishing--not rocket science LOL Don't over think the baits. They either bite or not. Changing presentations, types of baits and areas is just part of it. I do not fish brutal cold days with emphasis on brutal. Bluebird days can be a good if I can slow down to a crawl with my presentations. If I stayed home due to bluebird skies I wouldn't get to fish much in summer or fall. Just part of it. It's important for me to just go fishing, enjoy the time on water and try to learn new things. Fishing for me is as much fun as I can have with my clothes on LOL
  3. Tubejig

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    Shaky heads rigged with little worms or a trick worm can get you fish too. congrats
  4. It's not rocket science LOL Weekends are extremely busy as this is a vacation destination. BASS and FLW both come here often and lots of people that follow the tours fish/vacation here. East TN has a large population. Smoky Mt National Park is the most visited park in the system. Really want to see a circus---The Chick on Saturday morning in spring. On Douglas and Cherokee the 3hr local tournaments are every night. 10-50 boats. Would think it's that way on most other lakes in East Tn Weekends for the leisurely fishing crowd should be avoided. It's public water and the jet ski, pleasure boater and even the wake board boats have a right to use the lakes. I have to remind myself of that on days I fish a derby LOL. Hopefully you'll fit in here and enjoy all the good things of living in TN. Personally., I love it.
  5. Tubejig

    fall shad and bass

    Usually water temps are key. Bass usually-not always-start chasing shad when water is in mid 70's and days are shorter. For me this is good time for traps, smaller cranks and if they are out on points or 1st secondary point a larger shad colored crank 5XD or 6XD or similar . Senkos can get you a bite at this time too. But i wouldn't hesitate to throw a big jig either. We're catching bass 15-20 ft now. Slow and slower slowest presentations.
  6. Tubejig

    Line twist t-rig with big worms

    I throw big worms a lot. I only get a bit twisted [lol] if I don't retie. Cut a few inches off end of line then retie. Works for me
  7. Tubejig

    Fishing anyone??

    I'd like to try striper fishing with live bait! I've got obligations that keep me from fishing as much as I would like to. But I'm happy with trying to fool them at least one evening each week! But I should have more time soon. Ecox---do you keep a lot of the fish for table? If so, wandering if the striper are better fried or grilled. I'll eat about anything rolled in meal and swimming in hot grease LOL
  8. Anyone fishing lately? I went twice last week with some success. Had a few LM bass with one just north of 4lbs and one 5lber but we're only getting a few fish total and most are small. We fish in evenings, so not to many bikinis spotted LOL, and talk with others that are catching some walleye up the French Broad. The crappie, according to my pals as I just bass fish, are deep but they are getting a few. My pal brought me some walleye fillets and they were delicious. Chime in and tell us if you're fishing or bitching! The weather can be tough for an old fart---aka me LOL But the ramps are busy early and late so some of you must be out fishing.
  9. Tubejig

    Happy 4th!

    Don't celebrate the 4th with a 5th LOL
  10. Tubejig

    Bass migration

    My memory isn't as good as it once was but I remember , I think, KY Wildlife Agency used to tag fish and upon the return of tag a guy could collect a few bucks! Never cashed in. But it was a tool used in tracking fish movement. That too was a few moons ago!
  11. Tubejig

    31Airborne has joined us!

    Hi Colonel, Glad to read ya over here! How's the new ALX Rod performing for ya? Fishing a 6-9 T this eve over big Injun. hope you're catching some. Hooked up with Fishman for bit Tuesday over Quarryville. Just graphing as I'm not familiar with that area and have T over there Sat.
  12. Tubejig

    Douglas report

    Wish ya'll more crappie but I'm gonna have to go with the deep thinkers! Not sure if crappie released after hooking deep are different from their cousins, black bass. But if we catch bass deeper than say 20ft they gotta get fizzed or released asap. If you keep em in the live well they get bloated, float upside down and have trouble surviving. But fizzed, a lot on youtube on this, or released asap and they'll live to fight another day. My problem is catching em fist!
  13. Tubejig

    Any Garmin Echomap owners here?

    I've owned this unit in 7 inch. Fairly simple to use, great mapping, great sonar, DI, SI. I actually like Garmin better than the HDS Lawrence I use now. Slicker than a peeled onion!
  14. Tubejig

    Accidents happen, split second

    What Rusty said----me too
  15. Tubejig

    Rod repair in Knoxville area?

    I would check with local tackle shops. Most have a guy that picks them up at the shops and returns a few days later, If this is a fly rod try Orvis in Sevierville.