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  1. dloveday

    Tellico on 7.15.19

    The Little T will always have a special place in my memory as well.
  2. dloveday

    Hey Dada

    Well, one thing is clear you still have got plenty of grit left. Get well soon.
  3. dloveday

    On a short trip after work

    That is some terrible luck!
  4. dloveday

    Trolling Motor Torque/Noise

    Bass Pro was where I got mine.
  5. dloveday

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Troutgirl your knowledge of trout catching and anthropology is really remarkable.
  6. dloveday

    Rainy Cherokee

    Sounds like a good day bassin.
  7. dloveday

    Tuesday on Douglas

    I managed to get 6 LM this morning. Two came out of 9' of water on a crig and the rest were right on the bank w/ texas rig.
  8. Fried crappie eggs are tasty. I keep a few in all my packs of fillets.
  9. That jon boat looks very narrow. I might be tempted to leave the trolling motor on the transom and use a cushion rather than a seat. You might be able to slide over enough to reach the handle without putting yourself in a strain.
  10. dloveday

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    Good one!!
  11. dloveday

    White River Fun

    Good looking stringer of trout!
  12. dloveday

    Ott Wins Classic

    Good for Ott!!! We see him down on the FB once in a while fishing. He is a really nice fellow.
  13. dloveday


    No, Tube, you need to turn left at Frog's Tavern.
  14. I have also used military wool inserts for decade and cannot find anything I like better. You can cut the end of the index finger out for better casting. The one problem I have with them is that if a big striper hits your bait and you have to back wind, you can easily lose your handle if you don't have your head in the game. This is a problem for me because I float and fly for SM in the winter. Regular fishing might not have this problem, just use the drag.
  15. dloveday

    Flint Flippin’

    You used to be able to find lots of arrowhead in the Douglas lake bottoms, but not so much any more. They have been collected hard for the last several decades.