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  1. Happy Birthday, dloveday.  OH, to be that young again------If you have kept up on TA, my 20 outboard is  running great & starts every time. Somewhat slower than my old 25 but gets great mileage!  Good fishing-  dada 11-8-20   9:54 PM

  2. Glad you got you a new and hopefully a dependable motor. That ole banger you had the other day when we saw you in the Eden Hollow sounded like it was on its last good leg.
  3. Be sure to have a talk with the good folks at Bunch Marine. Curtis Bunch is a great man. Be sure to tell him that Jamey from Tennessee Anglers sent you. I got my Polar Kraft from Curtis bunch. Not sure they still have that brand but if not, he will steer you in the right direction.
  4. I am partial to my 1648 Polar Kraft jon boat. You can fish Peach Orchard from the ramp up to the first shoal and down stream to the first shallow shoal below ramp. If you have someone in the front of the boat directing you away from rocks, you can go on above the upper shoal if the water is not too low. When the water is up you can go anywhere you want.
  5. That jon boat looks very narrow. I might be tempted to leave the trolling motor on the transom and use a cushion rather than a seat. You might be able to slide over enough to reach the handle without putting yourself in a strain.
  6. Even if it doesn't shine up real well, it should fish like a new one.
  7. Happy Birthday dloveday!

  8. Happy Birthday dloveday!

  9. Non ethanol for me. I have had several outboard mechanics tell me ethanol causes problems and I have had to build carbs regular enough to make me believe non ethanol is better.
  10. I bought a new one at Walmart a couple years ago that was defective right out of the box. Never again!!
  11. Louisville Marine has done some work for me and they do a good job.
  12. Hey Rat, welcome! This site is an improvement on the other site we were on.
  13. I got really tired of having my carb worked on so I have abandoned ethanol period. There are more and more places to get 100% gas now. Usually fill up my tank and keep a few gallons of 100% in a gas can in case I need it.
  14. I have owned a 16' Lowe boat w/ rivets and it worked very well for many years on rivers and lakes. The boat I currently have used for about 10 years is a 1648 Polar Kraft that I bought at Bunch Marine. Great River boat and works quite well on lakes. Alum boats do blow around more than fiberglass in the wind but you learn how to deal with that to some extent after using for awhile. I wouldn't trade the Polar Kraft for any other alum boat that I know of.
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