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  1. Accidents happen, split second

    Prayers for you.
  2. be careful on those icy ramps

    I put in on icy ramps for decades and never had any problem after the tires went under water like Roybrew mentioned. A couple of winters ago I stopped putting in on icy ramps because I have serious balance issues now and would probably fall and break something .
  3. Clinch 1/20/18

    Good lookin mess of trout.
  4. cherokee/ douglas

    Walters Bridge is over Douglas between Newport and White Pine
  5. watermelon red, green pumpkin, blue fleck and watermelon blue
  6. Douglas-No

    Don't know about the crappie on Cherokee but the temp at Grainger Co was 47+ yesterday. We have averaged 9 SM per trip lately, but have no idea how to catch crappie in Cherokee anymore. .
  7. Lost my little sister

    Prayers sent. It is good to see that there are still people in this world that will take care of their old ones.
  8. Of Ice and Men 12-31-17

    I wonder if beer would work just as well.
  9. Winter line choice?

    I float and fly fish quite a bit and have settled on clear 6lb P line. Also, have used 4 lb in the past but lost too many fish to suit me. You will get more hits on 4 lb but the trade off is not enough to get me to use on a regular basis. I will use it from time to time just to see if the 4 lb will make a difference. I hear on Dale Hollow they like to use 4 lb probably because it is so clear.
  10. Striper Fishing Questions

    I believe Hickory Star has a dock near the ramp. You might call the dock to be sure before going.
  11. Broken----Again---Grrrrrr

    Rusty, Not true on the rubber room theory. More likely to wait until the fellow that feeds and grooms him enters the room and then steps on his foot and bites him on the arm.
  12. Winter Fishing

    Crappie and float and fly smallmouth fishing are mostly what I catch in the winter. You have to dress for the cold and wind and if you have the right clothing you need not be cold and uncomfortable. The fishing can be really good in the winter. The striper guys often do real well in winter also.
  13. Good Bank Spots

    Allensville and Providence on Douglas can be good bank fishing at times. Also, around the ramp at Coopers Landing has some places you can fish.
  14. minnow trap

    I have caught several water snakes using the Wal Mart traps.
  15. Forks Boat Launch

    The ramp right at the fork of the two rivers closed a few years ago. I have not heard that it has been re opened. Justfishin posted a newer ramp that is on up the river a few miles. There is another ramp down from the Asheville Hwy ramp at Holston River Park. That would be close enough to 3 rivers for you be down there in a short time. There is another ramp near the Knoxville Colesiam(sic?) that you could also use.