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  1. dloveday

    White bass vs Rockfish

    I am inclined to think they are juvenile rockfish and that soon there will be huge hordes of them chomping on crappie.
  2. dloveday

    New Years fishin

    Looks like a good mess. A dandy LM.
  3. dloveday

    Polls: Best Bass fishing months in TN

    March April December
  4. I bought a used Matthews Drenalin a few years ago for $400 that I have had really good luck with. You might look a some used high quality bows and see if you can find something you like in the right price range.
  5. dloveday

    Upper Tellico

    Spare, We always had better luck for walleye in the stretch from the ramp down stream past the rock bluff. Seems like Jan or Feb was the best using bottom bouncing jigs w/ minner. Sometimes trolled plugs worked best. I have been all over the stretch from the ramp up to the dam with the water on and off. If you don't keep an eye out, you may bang into a rock when the water is low.
  6. Looks like good pick up load of venison. I just love that sense of well being when the freezer is full.
  7. Good job, kw, that is quite a mess of chilie, tacos and spagetti (sic?).
  8. dloveday

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    Sage advice.
  9. Danged if I know what a first focal plane is.
  10. dloveday

    Norris Walleye

    That is quite a catch and good to hear they are still in the lake like that.
  11. dloveday

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    Wonderful 60 year collection of lures. Looking at these lures, I can only imagine the hundreds of happy days you have spent using them. Somehow it makes me sad that you are parting with them.
  12. dloveday

    Watts Bar, Dam Drum

    Huge drums!!
  13. dloveday

    Prayer Request

    Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!