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  1. dloveday

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    Sage advice.
  2. Danged if I know what a first focal plane is.
  3. dloveday

    Norris Walleye

    That is quite a catch and good to hear they are still in the lake like that.
  4. dloveday

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    Wonderful 60 year collection of lures. Looking at these lures, I can only imagine the hundreds of happy days you have spent using them. Somehow it makes me sad that you are parting with them.
  5. dloveday

    Watts Bar, Dam Drum

    Huge drums!!
  6. dloveday

    Prayer Request

    Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. dloveday

    Fort Loudoun Stripers

    Looks like a great day!
  8. I bought a drift sock from BP that works really well. It has a line on it for emptying the sock when you are ready to pull it in. That reduces the drag to nearly nothing.
  9. dloveday

    Have you fished outside of Tennessee?

    TN, NC, SC, FL, TX, MN, WI Ditto on Ezell's comment about Cherokee Lake. The Smallmouth fishing is really good.
  10. dloveday

    Center Hill Muskie

    Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. dloveday

    Accidents happen, split second

    Prayers for you.
  12. dloveday

    be careful on those icy ramps

    I put in on icy ramps for decades and never had any problem after the tires went under water like Roybrew mentioned. A couple of winters ago I stopped putting in on icy ramps because I have serious balance issues now and would probably fall and break something .
  13. dloveday

    Clinch 1/20/18

    Good lookin mess of trout.