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  1. Happy Birthday BobLewisJr!

  2. Happy Birthday BobLewisJr!

  3. Welcome aboard...I just joined the site as well...We need to head out and assault Patrick Henry together...I live just a few minutes from there. I moved to Kingsport recently and hear that P.H. is hard to learn how to fish, but i intend to make that my project!!
  4. Welcome aboard...I'm new also...great site.
  5. Hey, fellows. Have been enjoying the good advice on the site already. I moved to Kingsport recently and have decided I want to try and work on the figuring out the lakes closest to me....Patrick Henry and Boone. I fish from a small boat and love to fish from my kayak. Would really enjoy hooking up with someone that would show me the ropes at Patrick Henry. I am catch and release except for an occasional bream meal.
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