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    I am a medically retired firefighter from the USAF / TN Air Guard and the State of Tennessee. Now I deisgn and build jigs to fool those bass we all chase.
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    Heiskell, Tennessee
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    Catch'n fish
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    Mission Jig

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  1. Happy Birthday MJigs!

  2. Happy Birthday MJigs!

  3. Happy Birthday MISSION JIGS!


    Roll'n like a 1980's Rock Star......... It's all in the hair.

    Spider Monkey........Ohhhhhhh how she falls.

    About Mission Jigs

    Dusty, that autumn craw and summer craw I tie should do real well on you home waters and as far as black and blue I tend to go with the black Okeechobee I tie, it has the black and blue along with a little pumpkin color with blue flake, that's the biggie for me when I'm flipping jigs in the wood at night on Norris and it has treated me well, hair jigs, in my book you only need about 3-4 colors and if you have seen my web page you know those few. Hope this helps if you need any more info holler at me.

    Roll'n like a 1980's Rock Star......... It's all in the hair.

    That jig has caught a bunch of fish.....I'm glad it is catching fish on the other lakes around here. I fish that jig in the summer on Melton Hill and have a ball on the 9' rod I use. Only other lake I have fished it was Norris. You up for a trip when this weather breaks?
  7. Back in the 1980's it was all about dance'n on stage with the big hair. Here's how I Rock'n Roll on stage. No hair spray needed.

    Bullet 17VEE

    Bullet 17VEE

    About Mission Jigs

    Still working on a few things, stay tuned.......Thanks for the compliments by the way, means a lot and makes me work harder.

    Hottest fall lure

    X-Raps, jigs, gulp minnows with 1/16 oz heads. Then it's time for a hair style.

    Melton Hill smallmouth?

    1/8 silicon jigs on the bluff walls and 1/16 oz hair jigs like the ones you have tight lined on the bluff walls in summer work well. Fall transition try a fish head spin on the flats when the bait fish load up on them and don't forget the zoom trick worms wacky rigged around the bluff walls and docks and the flats with bait fish.

    Anybody know what this is?

    Stick an arrow in one and watch them pull a 16' flat bottom around. Good times with sling'n fiberglass arrows and a muzzy head. Emory River has some good ones along with Melton Hill. Those are $$ fish in a bow fish'n tournament. I'm sure that fight was accompanied with some sore arms and elbows.

    Favorite line

    Hunter and I use 2# test on the 9'crappie rods when we sling 1/16 oz heads with gulp minnows. We have caught 4# smallies and 10-12# cats. That is a ball and the rod takes all the abuse with 2# line. That is some fun right there. I have a pic of Hunter on the Powell river with a 4# smallies and the rod tip is almost touching the rod butt, he was laughing for 10 minutes and all smiles. 2# will work your nerves with a big fish. That is some fun times with gulp minnows and big smallies.

    Favorite line

    I always use a leader, guess its just a "mind" game. That NanoFil is such a small diameter it might not make a difference. I have never used just straight NanoFil and to be honest I was worried about tie'n a fluro leader on it since it was such a small diameter but it works perfect. Just one of those deals where you would have to play around and see which works better. I know the fish in Norris can be real finicky or picky I will play around with it and see if I can tell a difference between the two. You are more than welcome to go with me somentime,I have two other men on here that I need to take out when it gets right. I don't mind one bit to show you what I do or to help you out. When the smallmouth get on the hair jigs I don't think there is anything better. I should have fished a few tournaments and took some money but I just enjoy being out there going for the bronze. Guess you can tell I'm eat up with it.