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  1. The last couple of times that I've gone out, I noticed my garmin units beeping and then saying that sonar service is not available on the display. I can hit OK and restart and they work fine. Today it was more frequent, happening 6 or 7 times. When I was done for the day and went to start up to go home, the outboard turned over very slowly like it wasn't going to start, but did. When I got back to the dock, I shut it off then tried it; it started right up. Could this be a battery issue? Thanks
  2. Happy Birthday tblackgt350!

  3. I didn't really want to say the same thing, but I'd have to agree. When he was at the fishing show in Knoxville, I went on Friday just because Frazier was supposed to do a seminar. He didn't. He said there weren't enough people there and that he was going to do something Saturday. I went back with money to buy his series of DVDs. Nobody showed up to hear him but me. So we talked for about an hour. After speaking with him, I just couldn't give him 90 bucks. He has to know far more than me, but he just wasn't a good speaker.
  4. I've got 70DVs on the console and stern. They have downvue and a nice 2D image, although I have only compared to an 1198 bird. Now that I've added the black box, I'm supposed to have chirp and sideview on both units. I pick the boat up tomorrow, would like to go out and play with it a little if the ramps aren't iced up. If not, I've got Sat free. It's kind of daunting looking at all I've got to learn but I look forward to it. My last sonar was Lowrance X75; circa 2001.
  5. When I was talking to Wilson Frazier "the professor" he told me to find the ping speed adjustment on my new Garmins and adjust it to 50% and leave it there, that 100% was too much stress on the transducers. It just doesn't seem that you could make a broad statement like that. What is your experience? I am picking up the boat Friday, it will have 70DVs with the black box for side scan. I look forward to setting it up. Got the micro SD with Lakevu too.
  6. I live in Knoxville, Hardin Valley area right on Melton Hill but pretty much fish Norris. I guess I'm gonna be looking for another 70DV and black box. I think if I am going to put a unit on stern it will have to be the 7" screen. The 50 just looks like it would be too small to run a split screen.
  7. So my wife got me a Garmin 70Dv for Christmas; it looks like a really nice easy to use unit when I just went to West Marine to play with the display; my rather broad question is, is it worth the extra money to add sidescan? The way I understand it, it doesn't see up or downhill very much, just to the side; so being primarily a smallmouth guy, I don't know when I would use it other than to run down a bank and see if there is a lot of bait present before I fish a place. I've already pretty much decided that I need to buy a second unit to mount up near the trolling motor after going out with a friend last week. We'd be fishing along in about 20 feet or so and he'd say, oh man-there are a couple right under us; sure enough we dropped 1/4 oz jigs down there and caught six. I never would have thought you could run right over them in water that shallow and have them hit. So now I feel like I gotta have all down view/2D all the time. What about sidescan? This sure is getting expensive. Thanks
  8. Happy Birthday tblackgt350!

  9. I pulled some hair out, looking for blown fuses and leads that may have been reversed when I had the boat serviced. Then I sought professional help and took the boat to Jerry's ProMarine in Andersonville. It took several hours to figure out but my total bill was still just 140.00 including the new battery. Evidently, if you drain a battery down to nothing and leave it that way for a while it can change polarity. I did not know that.
  10. Just in case anyone is interested, the problem turned out to be two bad batteries; one of the trolling motor batteries had changed polarity (I didn't know they could do that) and unit that cranks the big motor was just dead. Interstate replaced the trolling motor battery free of charge even though it was two years old; not so lucky with the BassPro battery.
  11. If you were to get your boat re-carpeted in the Knoxville area, which shop would you use? Thanks
  12. I kinda figured I had a lot of checking to do. I hope it's not the charger as I already replaced it two years ago; the boat came with a 3 bank pro, I changed to a MinnKota hoping to get a more dependable piece. I just want to get it figured out pronto. The water temp is perfect for slinging Mission jigs!
  13. I finally got a day off to go fish; problem is the boat won't start. I just got it back from having the injectors cleaned, etc. and it worked fine. I'm pretty sure the batteries are good. I have a MinnKota 300 series charger and the power light is on. There are three rows of indicator lights; 1st row indicate charging, not lit. The 2nd row "full Charge" Battery 1 not lit, Batt 2 lit, Batt 3 not lit. 3rd row "check connection" batt 1 lit, batt 2 not lit, batt 3 lit. Everything seems tight, cables to the charger feel tight. Is there something else I need to look for? Thanks
  14. I've had good luck dealing with Jerry at ProMarine in Andersonville; he does good work at a fair price and sometimes knows of good buys in used outboards.
  15. I know it is subjective, but I would like to know what you guys think is the best unit for under 1000.00. I am going to have to replace my old 2001 model Lowrance unit soon. It doesn't look like I can retain anything, everything from transducer to mounting hardware will have to go. Thanks
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