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  1. Happy Birthday Tidewater21!

  2. Happy Birthday Tidewater21!

  3. I have installed a through hull transducer on my boat to eliminate interference at higher speeds. It does a good job at higher speeds but I have some horizontal lines down to 8 ft. Have tried to adjust surface clutter setting with no changes. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks Jerry
  4. Same here we didn't catch a thing. Tried everything. Lockjaw!

  5. Hello. Got your message. We did'nt do any good with the buck tails. But we did mark alot of fish down close to the dam.

  6. Hey Patrick I am going to watauga sat am to fish for lake trout. If your interested message me ASAP

  7. Hey man going to watauga sat am to laker fish. Have an empty seat if your interested. Let me know ASAP.

  8. I have had good success on watauga and s.holston. Watauga seems to have a little bigger fish and s.holston is better for #s.
  9. Hello OBC have not heard from you in a while.good to see you here.
  10. I have only met you a couple of times but you have always been helpful with finding bait and fish. Not often you find someone with your knowledge that is willing to share. You have set a good example for other fisherman to follow.
  11. Welcome snichols. Thanks or the friend request. Can't have too many fishing friends.
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