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  1. Oct 5th is the only Saturday in October I can’t fish. Jerry
  2. Count me in. I know there’s some trout in there bigger than one pound.
  3. There are some big fish in watauga. We lost a very heavy fish during the fish springs tx. Hooked it at 60ft and couldn’t move it for about a minute then it pulled the hooks from a large jerk bait. Pulled the same jerk bait on a diver last Tuesday hooked a fish in the same area as before. He pulled drag on a big diver rod on the hit so I gave it less drag. Fought him about 2 minutes before I started to put some pressure on him. He made a very violent shake and broke me off. Always use 12 lb fluorocarbon May have to go up to 14 next time. I stopped using snubbers but I’m thinking about going back To them. Big fish seem to like the big baits but I also caught 2 five pounders on a 1inch spoon last week.
  4. If it is as hot as the weatherman says I will probably be swimming before the weigh in. What type of bait does this lake have. Small medium or large. In other words do small baits or large baits work better here.
  5. Thanks for the report troutgirl. We are coming to Santeetlah on he 29th. Never fished the lake so we need all the help we can get.
  6. I would be there but I’ll be in Montana that weekend.
  7. I’m not much of a tournament fisherman but this sure sounds like a good idea. All I need is an excuse to fish more and I always like trying new places. I’m game. Jerry
  8. Nice trout. Glad to see someone has time to catch those big trout in watauga. I've trolled a scatterrap before with no luck. Might have to try them again.
  9. Thanks for the report troutgirl. Headed to watauga sat am. Praying for some rain or a good thunderstorm to keep the crazies at home.
  10. Really all we need is a place to park. Don't need any power or water as the rv is fully self contained.
  11. I am planning a trip to either Watauga lake or South Holston lake next weekend. The problem I have is that next weekend is race week in Bristol and there isn't a hotel room available anywhere in the area. One of the guys has an rv we can use but we will need a place to park it and 2 more vehicles with trailers. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate the help. Jerry
  12. Happy Birthday Tidewater21!

  13. Willie Word did some work for me. Very good and reasonable. 865-803-2317
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