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  1. Happy Birthday oldblackcars!

  2. Happy Birthday oldblackcars!

  3. I would love to go but have plans with the wife this weekend. Thanks for asking and good luck.

  4. Hey man going to watauga sat am to laker fish. Have an empty seat if your interested. Let me know ASAP.

  5. I think that the best fish finder may be friends on the water. The more boats looking the better chance you will have finding.With all the years of experience fishing these lakes that Ezel and some others have they know where to look for that time of year.Most of us like to fish around friends it just makes it a lot more fun.
  6. There was a video on you tube where a man had one that he was going about 20mph and he found a school of stripers on it but it look as good as mine at about 5 mph. I have tried it after l watched it on YouTube but not even close to his screen at that speed. That would save lots of time if could use it at that speed.
  7. What is the top speed that anyone can set their fish finder up to read not just the bottom but show good size schools of fish. I can do good at slow speed but at high speed still can not do much with it other then just a bottom reading. Have tried the ping speed as fast as it will go and the chart speed very fast with a lower sensitivity but still not that good at 20 mph. Is there a transducer that will do this better then another one will. I have set my transducer loose and adjusted it all different ways going down the lake ( not to smart) still could not read that good fast.
  8. I also have the Lowrance with side scan. The thing I have found out about any of them is it is not the brand that makes the fish finder. It is 90% the one setting it and reading it that makes it work good.
  9. Hello to all my old friends and hello to some new ones I hope. It is good to have friends on a web site and on the water. I sure could have used some help on Saturday on Cherokee from some friends but they must have all been on Norris.
  10. I didn,t think it would take to long before we saw you on here Todd.
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