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  1. RLP

    Fishing Journal

    I keep a separate log book for lake and fly fishing. You can really relive the trip when you go back even after a year or two and read your report. Funny Story that I have posted on here before Me and four of my buddies were on the Hiwassee river for a long weekend. We hadn't done very well the first day and one of my buddies ask if I had my log book to see what we were doing the past years. Well just so happens we had been there the previous year on the same weekend. I started reading about the weather, flies we used, and so on. Then I started telling them how many fish each of us caught each day. One of my buddies said. Why do you always catch more fish than the rest of us. I told him because it is my log book and if you want to catch the most fish, then you need to keep your own log book. True story and I don't think they have ever asked about my log book since.
  2. Great information and pictures Frank, thanks.
  3. RLP

    Boat on vacation?

    Find a friend in Florida that already has a boat. Thats what I did, but remember he has a friend in Tennessee that also has a boat.
  4. RLP

    Accidents happen, split second

    Well maybe you have used up all your bad luck and it will be smooth sailing from here on. Get well soon Frank.
  5. RLP

    Merry Christmas

    I hope everyone on here has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  6. RLP

    Fort Loudoun 12/10/15

    Nice Post, Thanks.
  7. RLP

    2016 Fishing resolutions

    My Goal is to just fish more, but I have this job that I can't seem to get rid of.
  8. RLP


    Bigsmallie, Thanks for the post and all the detailed information. I haven't been crappie fishing since last March. I have some fresh beer and I am getting a lot better at brewing it. PM me and I will get you some.
  9. RLP


    Thanks for the post.
  10. RLP

    Better late than never

    Really great pictures, thanks.
  11. RLP

    10 -22 -15 Fort Loudoun

    Great report. I have never had a plan B that worked that good, thanks for the post.
  12. RLP

    Workin on some new bucktails

    Great looking flies.
  13. RLP

    New jet boat!!!

    Great looking rig, congrads.
  14. RLP

    Cherokee Walleye Mtg w/TWRA

    Great, I plan on being there.