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  1. Happy Birthday RLP!

  2. Fishing Journal

    I keep a separate log book for lake and fly fishing. You can really relive the trip when you go back even after a year or two and read your report. Funny Story that I have posted on here before Me and four of my buddies were on the Hiwassee river for a long weekend. We hadn't done very well the first day and one of my buddies ask if I had my log book to see what we were doing the past years. Well just so happens we had been there the previous year on the same weekend. I started reading about the weather, flies we used, and so on. Then I started telling them how many fish each of us caught each day. One of my buddies said. Why do you always catch more fish than the rest of us. I told him because it is my log book and if you want to catch the most fish, then you need to keep your own log book. True story and I don't think they have ever asked about my log book since.
  3. Great information and pictures Frank, thanks.
  4. Boat on vacation?

    Find a friend in Florida that already has a boat. Thats what I did, but remember he has a friend in Tennessee that also has a boat.
  5. Accidents happen, split second

    Well maybe you have used up all your bad luck and it will be smooth sailing from here on. Get well soon Frank.
  6. Merry Christmas

    I hope everyone on here has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  7. Fort Loudoun 12/10/15

    Nice Post, Thanks.
  8. 2016 Fishing resolutions

    My Goal is to just fish more, but I have this job that I can't seem to get rid of.
  9. Crappie

    Bigsmallie, Thanks for the post and all the detailed information. I haven't been crappie fishing since last March. I have some fresh beer and I am getting a lot better at brewing it. PM me and I will get you some.
  10. Finally

    Thanks for the post.
  11. Better late than never

    Really great pictures, thanks.
  12. 10 -22 -15 Fort Loudoun

    Great report. I have never had a plan B that worked that good, thanks for the post.
  13. Workin on some new bucktails

    Great looking flies.
  14. New jet boat!!!

    Great looking rig, congrads.