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  1. Happy Birthday Rjennings!

  2. Happy Birthday Rjennings!

  3. Happy Birthday Rjennings!

  4. Happy Birthday Rjennings!

  5. My dream boat is a 18 ft camo Alweld with a 80 hp mercury jet. :thumbsup The new Rangers look great!
  6. Thanks Larry for the guidance..i was lost over there with all those tumbleweeds blowing around..:thumbsup
  7. Hello everybody! I made the switch from that "other" forum that has become a ghost town, live in Kingsport TN and mainy do river fishin..14 ft jon boat, battery, trolling motor and cooler full of drinks and sammichs is really all i need! Plan on upgrading to a nice river jet one day when i win the lottery though. Glad to jump on the team and come on in for the big win here at Tennessee Anglers! Im sure theres alot of old friends from the "other" place.
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