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  1. Prayers for dada

    Prayers sent - hope you're back to chasing fish soon! The board won't be the same till you're back...
  2. The night bite hasn't started

    What lake are you fishing?
  3. Happy Birthday Ranger2310!

  4. Mar. 29 Boat load of fun

    A lot of smiling faces on that boat!
  5. Ranger 2310

    Ranger 2310
  6. Ranger 2310

    Ranger 2310
  7. Ranger 2310

    Ranger 2310
  8. Ranger 2310

    Ranger 2310
  9. I decided to forego the boat and do some bank fishin today on Douglas. Had strung up 8-9 nice Crappie back in this little cove when in rolls these two guys in a 19' Bass tracker. They kill the big motor about 100 yds out and trolling motor past me at about 30 yds heading to the opposite bank/point. About the time they reach their destination I catch another nice one and they couldn't get across the cove fast enough to start fishin my hole! I could have thrown my float/fly into their boat they were so close!!! They hung out about a half hour and left after they didn't catch anything while I caught 2 more. Can't figure out some people... Did manage to limit out, it's getting good!!! attachment=4077:ImageUploadedByTapatalk1427588648.301267.jpg] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. VTshecky has joined us!

    Welcome to the site... pull up your keyboard and enjoy!
  11. Happy Birthday Ranger2310!

  12. Saltwater Fishing

    Lots of good fishing on the coast of NC. Emerald Isle, Bogue Inlet, Topsail Island, Sneads Ferry, Beaufort. Bank fishing, Pier fishing, inshore or off shore. Not sure where you're located but from Tri-Cites only about 6 1/2 hour drive.
  13. In need of fiberglass and gelcoat repair

    Glad you're back in business!
  14. Christmas gift early

    Nice walleye! What are these new lures you speak of??? The Walleye must like them!