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  1. Thanks Mr. Cox, how's the striper fishing down there?

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    2. Crankerman


      Thanks Mr. Cox we are headed down the 13th of Dec. we'll be staying at Hickory Star hope to see ya out. I have a deck boat with a blue inclosed cover. I have seen you down there a couple of times you give us some shad one day and one fell in the bottom of your boat and your little 4 legged fishing buddy eat it:tongue:

    3. ecox


      Will be glad to help with latest info when you come down. 423-526-3295

    4. Crankerman


      Thanks I really appreciate that. I don't get down as much as I use to so it's hard to keep up on the good fishing areas. I haven't fished in Dec. in a couple of years, we use to  start down around F Island and around Crooked Creek. If you don't mine I will give you a call and see where folks have been fishing for strippers.

  2. Crankerman

    Norris Lake Water Temperature

    Thanks guys, for the information I hope the water temp is between 55-60 degrees when we come down.
  3. Coming down first of Dec. wondering what the water temp. is on Norris Lake
  4. Crankerman

    Water Temperature on Norris Lake

    Thanks Rusty for the information.
  5. Thinking about coming down and striper fish around the first or second week in December just wondering what the water temp was on the lake.
  6. Happy Birthday Crankerman!

  7. Happy Birthday Crankerman!

  8. Like a dummy I come down late Monday nite the drive down was tough in the snow.Tuesday it was windy didn't have any luck catching shad Tues or Wed. when it gets a certain temperture is it harder to catch bait do they go to deeper water.Wed it was foggy in the morning but turn out to be pretty nice; caught a couple of stripers pulling artificial lures.
  9. Thanks I will check those spots out.
  10. Can I catch gizzard shad around point 11 or do I need to stop on my way down at Quarryville and catch bait and do I need to put in to catch bait are can I catch them from the bank. We fished around point 18 and 19 last year is there any fish being caught around point 11 where we are staying are do we need to run down around 18-19. Me and my 4 legged fishing buddy would appreicate any information you guys could help us with. Be in a white deck boat with a blue cover.
  11. Happy Birthday Crankerman!

  12. Crankerman

    Crankerman wanted to say hello

    Thanks guys hope to get down to cherokee around Dec 9th for a little fishing and R & R
  13. :fishermanI fish Norris lake most of the time but fish Cherokee Lake also. I live in Monroe Ohio 20 mi. north of Cincinnati. You guys down there are always very helpful like Ezell Cox, and all the other guys a run into when I'm down there fishing. Love to read about what you guys are catching wish I could come down more often but I own my own business and only can come down a couple times a year.