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    Feb 8-10 Trip

    COLD - COLD - COLD Did I mention it was cold? We got to Norris at 4am Monday and slept till 8am to start fishing. Monday started out nice, maybe 40 degrees but that was a tease. I think the temp dropped to around 30 or less when we got off the water at 5pm. We only caught 2 stripers and one was small and both came around 3pm. We went back to the house and had an awesome meal (thanks Kevin) of filet, baked potatoes and asparagus. Tuesday was cold (I'll be saying cold a lot in this report) and snowed on us, 28 when we left dock and stayed that temp all day. Man it's a cold run at 26mph. We only caught 4 fish, 2 stripers, 1 smallie and 1 gar. The smallie and gar were a double on an umbrella rig, weird double for Norris. We found a spot absolutely loaded with bait and fish but couldn't get a bite. Went through them 4 times and finally got the double so we figured out it was gar not stripers. Guess what, Wednesday was the coldest, 23 when we left the dock with a high of 25 and it was very windy (white caps on the lake when the wind gusts were greatest. The day started pretty good and I caught 2 stripers and a smallie pretty quick but then it died. Finally around noon we were so cold Bruce started a fire and we ate lunch. I ended up catching 5 stripers and 1 smallie and Kevin finally caught his 1 and only fish, a striper. Good trip even though the fishing was slow. Last year we caught around 59 so just a small difference.
  2. fishing247

    Is a HD Transducer Worth it?

    Thanks for the reply guys. The 899 I found is only $650 but I could be persuaded to go larger if you know of a good deal somewhere Ezell. I found a 999 for $1000 and everything else I have found is around $1000 or more. My current unit is only 5 inches so 7 inches would seam pretty big to me. haha
  3. I am going to buy an 899CI SI HD Humminbird and was wondering if the HD transducer would result in a better image than the transducer that comes with the unit. Anyone out there switch from the one in the box to a HD transducer? Is it worth the extra money to buy the HD? Thanks for the help guys.
  4. fishing247

    Fishing tonight - Saturday, May 30

    No problem Ezell. I know how busy you are this time of the year. See you in 2 weeks.
  5. fishing247

    Fishing tonight - Saturday, May 30

    Thanks. So far so good. Went to Melton hill for about an hour before bed and no one was catching any. Tons of gar surfacing which I've never seen down there before.
  6. fishing247

    Fishing tonight - Saturday, May 30

    Sounds like I'm his neighbor.
  7. My dad just had emergency surgery at parkwest (he's doing good) so I am looking for something to do this evening. Anyone want/need a partner this evening to fish? I brought a few things down but might have to borrow some stuff. I know it's a stretch but thought I'd ask anyway. Ezell knows me pretty well just so you know I'm not some weirdo. Well maybe Ezell will say I'm weird! Haha
  8. fishing247

    Young fishermen

    awesome ezell. mallory is 7 now and she wants to fish with you this summer.
  9. fishing247

    How about a roll call to see where everyone is from

    Loveland, OhioJust north east of Cincinnati.
  10. fishing247

    Aug. 30 KBogg / fishing247 & ecox

    Almost there Ezell we will wait for you at the ramp!
  11. fishing247

    Good morning

    wow ezell. that is sweet. how much did she weigh?
  12. fishing247

    hope you have room for another

    wish i lived closer so i could come to a TSBA meeting.
  13. fishing247

    I made it over

    the new sight is awesome.
  14. fishing247

    Site Changes - Members Vote

    i follow the site daily but live in cincinnati and will post evertime i come down and fish so i like the 10 post thing.
  15. fishing247

    Have you fished outside of Tennessee?

    i live in cincinnati so i fish here, michigan, indiana and kentucky waters.