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    Love to learn new things about fishing, and don't mind giving others advice on the things I already know.
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  1. bradd

    River Jig Fishin

    1/8 ounce jig with trailer (green pumpkin)
  2. bradd

    What's biting?

    Cherokee....rattle trap
  3. bradd

    Morning or Evening?

    Personaly think the evening night is best after the sun has been over the lake throughout the day
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    Hello All

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    new member

  6. bradd

    baitcasting reel for skippin?

    Its all about the angle of the cast
  7. bradd

    54" Muskie

    Awesome fish
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  11. I have been a member of ETF for a few years now and have become very frustrated with thier site. When I joined I thought it was a site with fisherman and women to brag about thier catch, and also to help new fisherman by giving advice. What I came to find out was everyone is looking for something but not willing to give anything. I have asked questions several times when fishing a new lake and its always the same....50-100 views with no replys. I dont fish tournaments, I just enjoy fishing with my daughters. I hope people will post pictures of thier catch because I enjoy seeing them, but I hope that is not all that this site is about. I will help anyone I can when it comes to fishing, I will give you exact spot, lure color, etc. I find it funny when people talk about their "secret spots" if you fish as much on the lakes in East Tennessee as much as I do then you have to know there are no secret spots, every inch of these lakes get fished regularly. Like I said before I will help anyone if I can all I ask is that if you use my advise please catch and release.